Skincare on YouTube: The 8 Best Beauty YouTubers in 2022

These days, you’ve likely got more free time on your hands — and less makeup on your face. If COVID-19 has given you a newfound love of skincare and a few extra minutes to fall into YouTube rabbit-holes, these beauty vloggers will keep you thoroughly entertained. And they'll also give you tons of tips, tricks, and product recommendations to change your skin for the better.

Watching beauty YouTubers can be a great way to dip your toes into the world of skincare and makeup if you’re a beginner or give yourself more tips and tools to work out a specific problem (think: oily skin, acne, and so forth). It’s best to find the beauty YouTubers who speak directly to your particular skin type and concerns; there are thousands of channels to choose from, making it hard to tell whose advice you should be listening to.

To make it easier for you, we rounded up eight of the best beauty YouTubers who focus on the good, the bad — and the ugly in skincare. Their tutorials, product reviews, and science-based skincare advice will help guide you on your journey to clearer, healthier skin. Or at the very least, encourage you to add another product or two in your everyday routine to achieve clearer, more radiant skin.

Whether you care about clean beauty, acne prevention, or finding the best dermatologist-approved products, there’s the perfect beauty Youtube channel for you. 

These 8 beauty YouTubers are the best sources for advice on beauty, makeup and skincare:

The Skin Care Specialist: Skincare by Hyram
Skincare by Hyram Youtube

Image source: YouTube

With a combined audience on YouTube and TikTok of more than 10 million, 24-year-old Hyram Yarbro is one of the very best beauty YouTubers out there. He’s extremely popular among Gen Z viewers, thanks to his bright purple hair and scathing reviews of celebrity skincare routines. Yarbro’s meteoric rise to internet fame recently caught the attention of The New York Times, who dubbed him the “Gen Z whisperer.”

Yarbro is highly aware of his audience’s wants and needs, so he’s always finding ways to incorporate budget-friendly drugstore skincare products into his videos, as well as catering to different skin types. His videos also focus on other common concerns for teenagers like acne, sunscreen and skin sensitivity.  

The Industry Insider: Emily DiDonato

Image source:

You may recognize model-turned beauty expert Emily DiDonato from Vogue, Victoria Secret, and Sports Illustrated. After working in the fashion industry for more than ten years, DiDonato now shares her unique perspective on fashion, modeling, beauty, and skincare on Youtube. 

DiDonato’s videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at her modeling career, travels, diet, daily life and skincare routine. In addition to ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos and easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, she also posts vlogs, Q&A’s and ‘A Day in the Life’ videos. 

If an international modeling career and successful YouTube channel with nearly 400 thousand subscribers didn’t keep Emily busy enough, she recently co-founded Covey Skincare with her best friend, Christina Uribe. Her constant travel and busy schedule inspired the dermatologist-backed brand’s simple three-step system, which uses potent, high-quality ingredients like vitamin C.

The Clean Beauty Connoisseur: The Green Belle  
The Green Belle Gabby Dubious

Image source: YouTube

After learning about the harmful chemicals lurking in mainstream skincare and cosmetics, Gabby Dubious adopted a greener approach to beauty. Her YouTube channel, The Green Belle, features only green, clean, and non-toxic products that fit her environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

Her videos offer in-depth advice on clean beauty and self-care, including natural skincare routines, hair and makeup tutorials, brand reviews, and recreations of celebrity makeup looks using only clean beauty products. In 2019, Dubious launched The Green Belle Podcast, where she interviews experts in clean beauty and green living.  

The K-Beauty Queens: Beauty Within
Beauty Within Korean Skincare Youtube

Image source: YouTube

Beauty Within duo Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee are the best beauty YouTubers for Korean skincare and beauty advice. If you’re new to K-beauty, their entertaining and informative videos are a great place to start. The pair “explores the world of skincare, beauty, and wellness” in their 20 to 30-minute videos, where they often ask beauty industry leaders and experts for their inside opinion on particular products and trends. 

With an impressive two million (and counting) followers, they’re among the most popular channels for skincare on YouTube, carving out their own niche in the K-beauty space. Their videos cover everything from skincare routines and makeup tutorials to product reviews and roundups of affordably priced dupes.

The Dermatologist's Advice: Dr. Sam Bunting  
Dr Sam Bunting Skincare Youtube
Image source: YouTube

London-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting harnesses her years of beauty industry experience to help her subscribers achieve their best skin ever. She’s passionate about giving women easy access to a dermatologist’s advice and focuses on the science behind skincare. In addition to her YouTube channel, she also created her own skincare line, Dr. Sam’s

As one of the best beauty YouTubers out there, Bunting finds a way to make the dermatologist's perspective on skincare interesting but still easy enough for anyone to understand — no matter their science background. With her detailed explanations, products that may otherwise be intimidating to the average viewer become easy to use.

The Black Beauty Guru: LABeautyologist

LABeautyologist Nayamka Roberts Smith

Image source: YouTube

Licensed esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith specializes in personalized skin care, particularly for people of color, bringing together the best of science and beauty. The philosophy behind her Los Angeles-based facial studio, The Golden RX, and her famous beauty YouTube channel is to “integrate the science of clinical skincare, with the gentle purity of natural ingredients, and to use that knowledge to strengthen confidence through beauty.”

Her videos offer her thousands of followers advice on affordable products and popular beauty treatments. She also posts beauty advice that addresses Black women’s skincare concerns, such as hyperpigmentation and preventing sun damage (because yes, Black women should wear sunscreen too).


The Male Perspective: James Welsh 
James Welsh Skincare Youtube
Image source: Twitter

UK-based skincare expert James Welsh proves that skincare products should not be defined by gender, making him one of the best beauty YouTubers for men and women alike. The 31-year-old YouTube influencer offers a much-needed male perspective on skincare and grooming to his more than a million subscribers. His addictive product reviews and adorable accent make him entertaining to watch.

Welsh brings a personal perspective to acne prevention, having suffered from severe acne during his teenage years. He also offers helpful reviews and tutorials on everything from Korean beauty products to celebrity makeup routines. 


The Beauty Influencer: TheBeautyBreakdown 
TheBeautyBreakdown Skincare Youtube
Image source: YouTube

Morgan Alison Stewart, the YouTube personality behind The Beauty Breakdown, is passionate about sharing beauty and skincare advice in a way that’s easy for the average viewer to understand. Her channel is filled with easy-to-follow makeup tutorials using popular beauty brands and trendy products. She also posts detailed product reviews and how-tos for Korean makeup and skincare. 

Outside of YouTube, she’s also a lifestyle blogger, model, writer, and avid gamer. In addition to her beauty-focused content on The Beauty Breakdown, she runs The Travel Breakdown and The Lifestyle Breakdown.


The Acne Expert: Cassandra Bankson
Cassandra Bankson Skincare Youtube
Image source: Twitter

While many beauty YouTubers try to hide their acne on-camera, Cassandra Bankson candidly shares her struggle with severe acne with her one million YouTube followers. The 25-year-old model and esthetician hope that by sharing her personal skincare struggles and successes, she can inspire others to embrace their acne and live more confidently. 

Besides sharing her personal experience with various acne treatments and products, she also gets candid about what it’s really like to work as a model with severe acne. Because her own acne journey has forced her to change her diet, she frequently mentions the link between diet and skin health, along with sharing science-backed information that may benefit those who are seriously struggling.

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