8 Skincare Influencers Share Their Winter Tips

There’s no way around it: the winter is harsh on our skin. From the cold, windy weather outside to the stale, heated air inside, our pores are put to the test during this season.

While sticking to your Covey skincare routine will help maintain your radiance and glow, additional hacks, tricks, and strategies also add mega benefits. Who better to turn to for these insider tips than skincare influencers?

Here, we rounded up the best winter tips, from taking colder showers (really!) to giving a little more TLC to our lips and hands. 

Try this hack for cracked winter hands.

TikTok derm Dr. Mark Strom reminds us that our hands are just as exposed to the winter elements as our faces, so they need the same attention. In this short snippet, he shares his go-to hack: soak your hands in warm water for five minutes, pat dry, then apply a large amount of petroleum jelly to your hands. Then, wear cotton gloves and try your best to sleep. You’ll wake up with super-soft hands!

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Begin your skincare routine with LED treatment. 

YouTube skincare influencer Hot and Flashy says getting up a bit earlier in the winter can make a difference in your skin health. She recommends using and red light infrared mask as soon as you wake up to reveal smoother, brighter skin. This not only offers anti-aging benefits, but it’s the perfect precursor to your Covey three-step ritual, too.

Take cooler showers in the winter.

Yep, we can’t believe it either, but colder is better in the winter. As YouTube skincare influencer LaBeautyologist – The Golden Rx explains, when our water temperature is too steamy, it strips the natural oils from our skin, leaving us feeling dryer and itchier. While you don’t need to go for a polar plunge, try not to turn up the heat too much. 

Moisturize overnight.

YouTube skincare influencer Hyram is speaking our language when he recommends moisturizing both during the day and overnight. For added benefit (and super healthy skin), consider going through your Covey ritual in the A.M. and P.M. during the winter to lock in moisture and promote skin health.   

Cut back on cleansing in the winter.

At Covey, we’re all about simplicity, which is why we don’t recommend double (or triple!) cleansing. Though this is our advice year-round, it’s imperative to avoid overdoing it with a cleanser during the winter, according to skincare influencer and dermatologist Dr. Dray. In the colder months of the year, less frequent cleansing helps our skin to maintain its natural barrier and prevent dryness. 

Don’t forget about your lips. 

TikTok skincare influencer Nyrah Saleem says there are plenty of ways to protect our pretty puckers in the winter. Much like our hands, they are exposed to the harsh winter weather conditions, and because we tend to lick our lips, they can become even dryer than our face. To avoid this uncomfortable cracking and peeling, she recommends drinking more water, avoiding spicy or salty foods, picking a natural lip balm, and applying some moisturizer, too. 

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Resist turning up the heat. 

In addition to turning down your water temperature, you should also consider the same approach to your thermometer. TikTok skincare influencer and dermatologist Dr. Monica Kieu explains when our heater is on very high, the already-dry winter air becomes drier, leading to dehydration and making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Instead, wear warm clothes inside, drink hot tea, and cozy up with a blanket (or two). 


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Think in terms of layers. 

When you bundle up to brave the great outdoors, you likely pile on a few layers of warm clothing. This same technique should be practiced with your skincare routine, according to YouTube skin influencer Susan Yara. It’s best to apply your products in order from thinnest to thickest, much like the Covey routine. It begins with an effective cleanser, continues with a potent vitamin C serum, and ends with a hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer. 

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