Less is more

Using too many products can cause issues—everything from clogged pores to irritation. Less can be more when you're using the right high-quality, clean products.

Compatibility matters

Product compatibility is key to an effective skincare routine. One product’s ingredients could cancel out the benefits of another or cause irritation. Our products are custom formulated to work together.

Your skin’s the real star

Covey supports your skin’s natural functions, using ingredients that complement the processes your skin does on its own.

We promise simplicity, always

The Covey routine is made for every skin type using high-quality ingredients & carefully-tested formulations. Skincare trends come and go, but we only create what’s essential for healthy skin.

Covey Founders

Hi! We're Emily DiDonato and Christina Garcia, creators of the Covey routine.

We knew we’d be best friends after taking a trip to Iceland. Everyday, we’d get ready together. Doing our skincare routine became a special time we shared, but we were frustrated (and exhausted!) by our elaborate routines.

Three years of R&D and a dozen product iterations later...we arrived at the Covey routines you know today.

We can’t wait for you to try our routines and have your skin transformed!

Take back your day,
the Covey way

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