Meet Covey’s Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum

Covey co-founders and bffs Emily and Christina had a big year in 2021. They launched Covey, a three-step routine carefully formulated with high-quality, powerful ingredients that deliver on their promises.

Then, they both got pregnant at the same time, and quickly realized their favorite anti-aging ingredient — retinol — was a no-go during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 🙅 

Working with Covey's Founding dermatologist, Dr. Julie Russak, Christina and Emily discovered bakuchiol, an incredible swap for breastfeeding moms, pregnant women, and people who experience retinol’s un-fun side effects.

So… What is Bakuchiol? 

Bakuchiol is an extract derived from the leaves and seeds of the babchi plant. In a 2019 study, no difference was found between retinol and bakuchiol in treating wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The main benefits of bakuchiol include: 

  • Visible wrinkle reduction
  • Increases the look of skin firmness
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • Better tolerated than retinol 

Meet the Covey Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum 

Our proprietary blend of bakuchiol, anti-aging tripeptide, niacinamide & hyaluronic acid delivers anti-aging benefits while reducing pore size. It’s milky, glides on smooth, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue while it works its youth-boosting magic overnight. 

Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum works overtime to visibly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, increase the look of skin elasticity and firmness and impart a radiant-looking, plump complexion. 

Plus (like the rest of the Covey routine!) our dermatologist-tested bakuchiol serum boasts enviable qualities we look for in our skincare, like: 

  • Vegan and gluten-free 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Non-irritating for all skin types 
  • Free of fragrance, essential oils, silicone, and synthetic dyes 
  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • Hypoallergenic #greenscreen try saying bakuchiol 3 times fast. I’ll be saying it a lot in this video! 😛 #bakuchiol #retinolalternative #ingredientreview @Herbivore Botanicals @Good Molecules @Naturium ♬ original sound - Annastazia Unce


Our bakuchiol serum is packed with powerhouse ingredients.

Meet the Youth Boosters 

  • Bakuchiol is the star ingredient, helping to renew and smooth skin, decreases the appearance of dark spots, blemishes & fine lines, and supports collagen and elastin production 
  • Anti-Aging Tripeptide boosts skin’s firmness to minimize the look of lines and wrinkles

Meet the Brighteners & the Hydrators 

  • Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) supports a healthy skin barrier, balances sebum levels, and evens skin tone while reducing the appearance of blemishes
  • Squalane is a superstar plant-based emollient that prevents moisture-loss while restoring the skin's suppleness 
  • Hyaluronic acid for deep hydration that supports collagen and improves skin’s firmness 

    Why Bakuchiol? 

    Dr. Julie Russak, M.D., FAAD, is a Board-Certified dermatologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic. She shared a few big cons of retinol, like: 

    • Redness and irritating
    • Burning and itching 
    • Dry, flaking, or peeling skin 
    • Increased sun sensitivity 
    • The “retinol uglies” 
    • Not pregnancy/breastfeeding safe

    Plus, retinol is a tricky ingredient to get right, especially if you use other active ingredients like AHAs or BHAs or if you have super sensitive skin. Remember, when it comes to retinol, less is more. 

    When using retinol, you also have to stop your anti-aging routine during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but with bakuchiol, you can skip the stop & start. That’s why we created the Covey Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum — for all of the retinol results without the sensitivity, irritation, or dreaded retinoid uglies! 

    Not sure who wins in the epic battle between bakuchiol and retinol? Read the Covey ultimate guide to bakuchiol to get a sense of which is right for your skin. 

    Shop the Covey Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum

    How to Use

    Just like the Next Up Vitamin C Serum, our bakuchiol serum is non-irritating and safe for daily use.

    If you are using the bakuchiol without a Vitamin C serum, feel free to use both day & night. However, we don’t recommend using the bakuchiol & Vitamin C serum together!   

    AM Skincare Routine 

    In the AM, simply follow the OG Covey Routine: 

    1. Use our gentle First of All Cleanser to wash your face 
    2. Follow with our fan-favorite Next Up Vitamin C Serum
    3. Apply our buttery-soft and super hydrating Last But Not Least Moisturizer 
    4. Finish with your fav sunscreen of your choice (always!) 

    PM Skincare Routine 

    Swap Vitamin C with Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum!

    1. Start with the First of All Cleanser
    2. Then apply our Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum
    3. Pamper with Last But Not Least Moisturizer

    Bakuchiol FAQs 

    1. Can you use bakuchiol and Vitamin C together?

    Short answer? Yes. We recommend you use Vitamin C in the morning to protect skin against oxidative damage and in the evening, apply a bakuchiol serum.

    2. Can you use bakuchiol and niacinamide together? 

    Yes. These two ingredients work well together at evening skin tone, reducing hyperpigmentation, and fading blemishes.

    3. What are bakuchiol side effects? 

    Like retinoids, you may experience an adjustment period to bakuchiol, particularly if you have super sensitive skin. However, bakuchiol is much less irritating to skin, especially compared to a strong retinol.

    4. What is your bakuchiol derived from?

    The Covey formulation uses a 100% natural form of bakuchiol that is sustainably sourced and plant derived.



    Question for you-Can this serum be used under, and around, the eyes? (Also can the original Vitamin C serum be used in those same areas? Thanks!

    Alexsandra August 02, 2022

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