What We Learned About Celebrity Routines in 2021

There’s nothing Covey appreciates more than a routine, and a simple routine is even better. We especially love learning about and being inspired by celebrity routines shared by the people we admire. At Covey, we’re all about listening to celeb advice and seeing how we can improve our own daily habits. 

Here is Covey’s deep-dive into everything we learned about celebrity routines in 2021, from how our favorite celebs start their day to skincare ritual tips. 

If you’re looking to take inspiration from celebrity routines and give your habits a refresh for the New Year, here are some essential highlights. 

Key Morning Celebrity Routines

A morning routine can make the difference between an okay day and a great day. What we do after waking up and taking care of ourselves in the morning is key to getting off on the right foot each day. These celebs shared some great morning celebrity routines that will improve your day in 2021:

  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Naomi Osaka

Sabrina Carpenter

If you need inspiration to put a relaxing spin on how you start your day, look no further than Sabrina Carpenter’s morning routine. A recent video with Elle catalogs Sabrina’s zen wake-up habits. 

As far as refreshing celebrity routines go, Sabrina’s has it all: she wakes up to natural sunlight and the scents of her essential oil diffuser rather than a blaring alarm clock, sages her apartment and drinks a cup of tea on her scenic New York City balcony. (Swoon!)

Sabrina’s morning skincare ritual is one of her “favorite parts of the day” and includes helpful beauty tips like using a daily Vitamin C treatment (which is a vital part of the Covey routine, too!).

Jennifer Lopez

In July, Jennifer Lopez shared her morning routine on IGTV, detailing how she uses her favorite beauty products for a healthy skincare ritual that will give you “that glow” that everyone asks her about. Sunscreen is a favorite “secret ingredient” to protect skin and prevent aging, and supplements are a must because “beauty is an inside job,” according to Lopez. 

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka shared her regular weekday routine before heading to practice in an E! Online article. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she starts her day with a healthy breakfast and green juice. A favorite breakfast dish Osaka regularly enjoys avocado toast with smoked salmon. Some celebrity routines have a lot of steps, but we love how simple and easy to follow this one is.

Inspiring Celebrity Wellness Routines

Celebrity routines that detail wellness can also be excellent sources of inspiration to give our own daily habits a revamp. Taking care of our overall health and wellbeing is an integral part of living a healthy and happy life. For tips on wellness ranging from self-care to fitness, check out celebrity routines from these celebs:

  • Ashley Graham
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Katy Perry

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham shared insight into her self-care routine in an interview with Bustle. She emphasized the importance of affirmations and said, “​​My affirmations are very personal and can be so simple, like 'I love you, I’m bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, I am worthy of all.' Just start with what is the biggest issue in your life [right now.].”

Try following Graham’s advice for a simple way to get started with affirmations as part of a regular self-care routine!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston recently let InStyle in on the keys to her healthy lifestyle and told them, “The most important aspects of my wellness routine are sleep, meditation, hydration, and proper nutrition.” When it comes to celebrity routines, this is a well-balanced one.

Aniston is also a fan of collagen and Pilates to support her wellness goals. Take inspiration from Aniston’s focus on mental and physical health to improve your own wellness routine.

Kate Hudson 

In an interview with People, Kate Hudson revealed how her fitness routine had changed recently. Hudson has been switching up her workouts to add variety, challenge herself and meet new fitness goals.

She told People, “It can be difficult to maintain a real routine when you are busy at home or working, but for me, the key to living well is to plug into what your body needs, and being active helps me refocus and reset." We love this advice — listen to what your body is telling you, and don’t be afraid to switch things up to make your routine work for you!

Essential Celebrity Skincare Ritual Tips

When considering celebrity routines and how to take inspiration from them, Covey is a big fan of skincare ritual advice. Learning simple beauty tips from celebs can help you give your own skincare ritual habits a refresh and improve your skin’s overall health. Some celebs who gave us great skincare ritual tips from their celebrity routines in 2021 include:

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Rachel Zegler
  • Priyanka Chopra

Nicole Kidman

There’s nothing better than a simple skincare ritual, and Nicole Kidman is a fan of simplicity when it comes to beauty. She told InStyle, “I'm a five-minute girl in the morning and at night.” Rather than spending a lot of time on an extensive skincare routine, Kidman focuses on essential products that help her skin, such as facial oil, sunscreen and CBD-infused cosmetics that benefit her sensitive skin and reduce inflammation. 

Rachel Zegler

In a recent video with Vogue, Rachel Zegler shared some of her beauty secrets. To prevent chapped lips, lip balm is a favorite of Zegler’s. She told viewers: “I am a lip balm fiend. I have a lip balm in every pocket, every purse, every coat. I refuse to have chapped lips in public.”

Zegler’s advice to regularly use lip balm makes for a simple skincare ritual. This is one of the easiest celebrity routines to take inspiration from — just try taking a lip balm with you everywhere you go and don’t forget to use it!

Priyanka Chopra

One skincare ritual Priyanka Chopra swears by is moisturizing. She told WhoWhatWear, “I love moisturizing my body. I do it religiously twice a day. If I’m feeling really adventurous and crazy, I’ll do coconut oil, which my skin responds really well to.” Making time to moisturize your skin as part of your morning and nightly routine can do wonders for your skin. Try using coconut oil to get the results Chopra is such a fan of or sample other products to find the one that works best for your skin.

Choose Covey for a Refreshing Skincare Ritual

There are a lot of celebrity routines out there to be inspired by, but knowing how to get started with new healthy habits can be difficult. If you’re looking to improve your skincare routine in the New Year, there’s a simple at-home solution. Covey makes refreshing your everyday skincare ritual easy. 

With just three easy steps, Covey has created a simplified skincare routine that is effective and a breeze to get started with. When you follow the Covey routine, you’ll have even more time to try out tips from your favorite celebrity routines, and you’ll be able to do so with glowing, healthy skin

Learn more about Covey’s 3 step skincare ritual routine to give your skin a healthy refresh in 2022. 

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