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With the much anticipated Fall season around the corner, it means that cooler temperatures are in store - which means one thing for our skin: increased dryness. Those cooler days and chilly nights contain less moisture in the air compared to warmer months, which can lead to dry skin. This - in combination with more time spent indoors and less time outside (hello Vitamin D!) - causes the skin barrier to weaken. As a result, our skin becomes dry, itchy and sometimes even inflamed. 

Thankfully, Covey has mastered the art of healthy and hydrated skin. In an effort to combat dry skin, we’ve curated the perfect Covey line up to have in your arsenal as the colder months approach. 

Step 1: First of All  Cleanser

Of course, healthy skin is clean skin. Covey’s First of All Cleanser is the perfect way to begin your skincare routine. Our multitasking formula contains Babassu Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice, making it both an oil and water-based cleanser. Babassu Oil is a powerful source of lauric acid, which helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin barrier while also offering a deep and effective cleanse. The addition of Aloe Leaf Juice provides a calming effect with a heavy dose of hydration that is rich with antioxidants. Gentle and suitable for all skin types, the cleanser removes makeup, oil and residue without stripping the skin and overdrying.

Step 2: Next Up Vitamin C Serum 

No skincare routine is complete without a solid Vitamin C serum. Containing 15% THD ascorbate, Covey’s Vitamin C packs a powerful punch and deeply penetrates the skin to minimize dark spots, increase collagen production and protect against environmental damage. Despite this powerful formula, the serum also contains Vitamin E and grapeseed oil to prevent overdrying and maintain brightness. 

Step 3: Last But Not Least Moisturizer

It’s no secret that we love simplifying skincare, and the Last But Not Least Moisturizer is the ultimate 2-in-1 product that offers a heavy dose of hydration for both the face and eyes. Containing squalane and glycerin, our whipped formula leaves your skin silky smooth from day to night - and works as a great overnight moisturizer for pillow-soft skin in the morning. This ultra-powerful cream is a key component for locking in hydration.

Step 4: Sun & Done Moisturizing SPF 50 Sunscreen

Sunscreen has become universally-accepted as a skincare staple, but it can be challenging to find an effective SPF that doesn’t overdry the skin. Sun & Done solves that issue by hydrating, strengthening and of course, protecting your skin from the sun, all in one easy step. Containing nourishing ingredients like squalane and apple extract, our mineral-based formula moisturizes the skin, in addition to strengthening the skin barrier - making it the perfect daily-use SPF that works with the skin, not against it.

Step 5: Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum 

When combating dry skin, Retinoids are typically off the table as they can leave the skin dry and flaky. Covey’s Bakuchiol serum, a gentle retinol alternative, does just the opposite - it offers all of the benefits of retinol without the unwanted side effects. Instead of over drying the skin, our proprietary Covey Complex increases moisture, firmness and texture. It’s the perfect product to use before bedtime and will leave you with a clearer complexion come morning.  

Step 6: Seal the Deal Lip Treatment 

Of course, we can’t forget about the lips! Our Seal the Deal Lip Treatment contains ultra-moisturizing shea butter, hyaluronic acid and pineapple enzymes to smooth, soften and nourish, making it the final - and perfect - step to a hydrating skincare routine. 

No matter what time of the year it is, healthy skin is hydrated skin. Covey products are formulated for every skin type, and most importantly, streamlined and simplified to be approachable for everyone - with your skin’s health top of mind.

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