Em Robert’s shares the products she can’t live without

Em Roberts is a content creator, glowy skin care enthusiast, podcaster (The Big Move), and mama of 2. 

Take 3 Advice


Em likes to find something that motivates her - and for her, that’s books and podcasts. “I love authors like Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday to get me motivated and podcasts like TSC, Second Life, and Rebecca Minkoff’s Superwomen that interview and feature successful women that are juggling all of the things,” said Em. 

Motherhood survival

She likes to start off with the little things that make a big difference. “For me, that’s skincare related - I love those glass ice globes that you leave in the fridge so they depuff like magic around the eye area. I also love chlorophyll and lemon water to hydrate and nourish your body and skin first thing,” said Em. 

Do not disturb

The feature on your iphone is an absolute must for Em who likes to set this until 7/8am so she can focus on her kids in the morning. This way she can avoid checking emails or scrolling social media first thing.  Em starts it again at 8pm so she can focus on herself and wind down. 

My Routines

Morning routine

As a mom of two, the kids wake her up. Em admits she will never be the mom that wakes up at 5am! “I get the kids changed, fed, and a touch of screen time so that I can take a minute to myself and have a cup of english breakfast tea (I find it easier on my stomach first thing than coffee lately). After drop-off I find a coffee shop to sit at for a bit on my own for some quiet time and catch up on emails and my socials - or it’s listening to a podcast for some research for a future episode,” said Em. 

Workout routine 

Em loves Melissa Wood Health and Danielle Peazer. “Their workouts are amazing during pregnancy, post, and beyond when you only have 20-25 minutes but still want to move your body. I love pilates, barre, or just going for a quick jog honestly will get the job done for me,” said Em. 

Makeup routine

Favorite Things

Favorite Book: I’m reading Kimberly Snyder’s You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life, which is just a really uplifting positive read to help you self reflect.  

Favorite Show: I’m re-watching The Hills for a mindless watch just to wind down (and always entertaining).

Favorite Podcast: I’m listening to Second Life podcast,  her interviews are calming, breezy, and motivating.

Easy cooking recipe: I really love making creamy vodka pasta with cashew cream sauce - it’s delicious while on the healthier side. Jennifer Fisher has an awesome recipe here

Favorite children’s book:The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse’ - I buy this book for all my friends becoming new moms,  it’s a brilliant read and maybe more therapeutic for mom than child!!!

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