TikTok's Favorite Corporate Mom: Sarah Steele aka @CorporateMama

At Covey, we’re inspired by the routines of leaders and influencers we admire. Now, we’re getting real with an insider look at their regimens to see what we can learn. 

This month, we had the chance to chat with Sarah Steele, the hilarious face behind The Corporate Mama blog on Instagram and TikTok. With over 7.7M likes on TikTok, her witty — and relatable — videos provide a glimpse into the brilliant lives of women who balance work demands with raising children. Here, she shares the secrets behind her daily rituals. [Psst: It Includes Starbucks!]

1—6:45 a.m. Use an actual alarm clock.

Sarah recently switched back to an old-fashioned alarm clock, and it’s helped her to get out of bed in the A.M. easier. (Even if she admits to hitting snooze sometimes so she can squeeze in snuggles with her two boys.)

2—✌Keep one splurge on your routine. 

Being a parent adds a whole new layer of responsibility to your routine. And since Sarah’s husband’s day starts earlier than hers, she takes on morning kid duty. To get everyone out the door, she turns into a human tornado to grab backpacks, serve breakfast and keep moving. To keep her motivated, though, she swings by Starbucks for a double-shot espresso on ice after drop-off, no matter what. Having something to look forward to is an effective way to stick to your schedule. 

3—💪Fitness doesn’t have to be hard to be effective. 

We all know staying active and eating well is the key to a long, healthy life. However, squeezing in a workout is easier said than done when you work full time, have a popular TikTok, and have two kiddos. When she can, Sarah sneaks in a power walk around the block in the morning to get her blood flowing. If you’re more of a walker than a runner, here are some benefits of this exercise:

  • Less impact on your knees, joints and bones, but still boosts your cardiovascular health.
  • Lowers your risk of serious disease, including high blood pressure, diabetes and more.
  • Even light cardio produces feel-good endorphins to improve your mood and outlook. 

4—🙌Allow some wiggle room for creativity. 

Since elementary school, Sarah has dealt with ADHD symptoms, and while she spent years trying to fight those tendencies, she’s started to lean into them. How so? She doesn’t hold herself to a rigid schedule and instead follows a general routine. If you also struggle with ADHD, try these tips for staying focused:

  • Take it slow and give yourself extra time to complete tasks.
  • Allow your imagination to guide your work — don’t work against it!
  • Chat through your thoughts with others: social interaction is mega beneficial. 

5—💓Fight anxiety with self-care. 

For Sarah, there’s one non-negotiable in her routine: giving herself 20 minutes to decompress from the day. This includes going through her skincare routine and winding down for the evening. Sometimes, she will even wash her face in the middle of the day when she feels anxious. “It's super calming to me, and almost as if I am literally washing away the stressors,” she shares.

6—👻Let out your inner kid.

If weather allows, the afternoons are reserved for family playtime. Sarah and her husband join their boys on the playset, in the pool or for long walks in the neighborhood. While adults don’t have quite as much time to frolic around, being playful does wonders for our mental and emotional health. And hey: it’s fun! 

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