How SI model’s Gigi Robinson’s chronic illness fueled her passion for advocacy.

Gigi Robinson is social media influencer, SI model, entrepreneur and chronic illness advocate. When Gigi was 11-years-old she was diagnosed with Ehlers, Danlod Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. She’s used her chronic illness to fuel her passion for advocacy. We’re excited to share her advice & routine with you!

Believing in yourself is the energy you need.  

“I think that it is imperative to believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place,'' said Gigi. “If you think that you are not able to achieve something, the likelihood of that energy manifesting is more than if you really believe that you can,” she said. 

Fail Fast, Learn Faster. 

“Failures are never singular, they provide learnings to iterate and implement into future work and community building. It is essential to get things wrong so that you can continue to excel at what you do, and learn in the process,” said Gigi.

Take care of your wins.

“We are so hard on ourselves and don’t acknowledge all of our wins and when we do we are seen as arrogant or full of ourselves,” she said. “We should be SO proud of all the seeds we have sowed and when the flowers bloom, we should absolutely take care of them, water them and let them blossom,” said Gigi. 

A day with Gigi

6:00am Breathe. Every morning she starts with breathwork and water. After she takes her morning meds she drinks a matcha or a latte!

8:00am Sunscreen and movement. She applies sunscreen and heads out for a light movement walk so she can clear her head for the day. “I believe that everyone’s workout routine looks different and that we should not compare what works for one person to the next. For me it varies daily,” said Gigi. Some of my favorite podcasts are: Young influentials with Colin Daniels, Seeing Other People by Ilana Dunn and Every Day Endorphins with Stella Stephonopolus. 

9:30am Content creation. Gigi begins her hair and makeup routine in prep to create content. “This varies day to day, and that’s for brands and for my own social channels,” she said.

12:00pm Fuel. “Throughout the day, I set reminders to take my medicine and to eat because I often get so lost in my activities that I forget to do it! BUT I am working on that. I think it's important to notice where you struggle and find a way to improve to live the life that you want,” said Gigi, who makes a juice shot, smoothie or juice as a pick me up, along with drinking water! If she’s on the go or running around, her go to is the crispy rice bowl from Sweetgreen, with tofu, medium dressing and extra lime! Chefs kiss.

2:00pm Edits. She moves on to editing videos and wraps up emails for the day by late afternoon. 

6:00pm Social time. Gigi usually has an evening event or meets up with friends after work. 

 9:00pm Bedtime routine. “At the end of every day I make sure to take a light shower, my makeup off with a cleansing balm, 2x cleanse, then peel exfoliation pads, then add a skin soothing serum, moisturizer, a pimple patch if I have a breakout and the laneige lip mask” I also like to read a book - I’m reading 100 essays that will change the way you think right now. 

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