How to Safely Do a Skin Detox

‘Tis the season where everything is in abundance: sweet holiday treats, gatherings with friends and family, shopping sprees, and of course, stress. Though it’s a magical time, it’s also a stretch of weeks that may leave you feeling depleted.

And, of course, this could show up on your face. This may tempt you to explore doing a ‘skin detox’ to fight inflammation, acne, and other cumbersome symptoms. 

However, while many products promote the ability to ‘clean out’ your face, at Covey, we know simplicity is best. In fact, to do a skin detox, you don’t need any products at all, except for the skincare routine you already use. (Thanks, cleanser, serum and moisturizer!)

Here, we clear up any misconceptions about what a skin detox is, the key signs your pores could use some TLC, and of course, how to do this safely and effectively: 

What is a skin detox?

Sadly, you can’t give your skin a green smoothie and hope for the best. Instead, to give the largest organ in our body the deep clean, we need to first understand what it needs. Our skin is vital to our overall health and development since it contributes to vitamin D production, insulation, body temperature regulation, and our ability to sense and feel. 

Through the normal wear-and-tear that is being a human, our skin naturally clings on to environmental factors, like pollution, makeup, water and dirt. Internally, our body also has a way of holding onto the ‘bad stuff’, whether that’s poor diet choices or hormonal disorders that impact our skin’s turnover. 

In short, our skin has a lot of gunk in it, and a skin detox works to give us a clean slate. 

When we don’t take active steps to rid our skin of these ailments, it will likely retaliate in some way, either from acne breakouts, inflammation or redness. When we take proactive steps to detox our skin each week, we will see fewer issues.

It doesn’t have to be taxing; it’s simply making smart choices that protect your skin from the outside while managing what’s on the inside. This is all in the quest to purge the bad stuff to give a runway to radiance. 

Signs you need a skin detox

You go through your Covey skincare routine religiously. You try to resist touching your face throughout the day. Sometimes you manage stress; other times, you’re restless. But lately, you’ve been giving into late-night sweets cravings, and your face is showing it. Whatever the cause of inflammation, there are some key symptoms that a skin detox is in order. They include:

  • You’re overstressed: Blame it on work, life, or both, but lately, you haven’t been able to get the R&R you need. Not only is it emotionally challenging, but it can cause red blotches, zits and bloating in your face. 
  • You’ve been wearing more makeup than usual: While makeup isn’t inherently bad for your pores, as long as you pick beneficial formulas, not washing it off doesn’t do you any favors. Makeup also attracts dirt and dead cells and oil, all of which lead to acne.
  • You’ve been eating more sugar: Another culprit of ongoing breakouts? That sweet tooth of yours. Even the best skincare routine can’t fight against the perils of sugar and skin health. 
  • You haven’t had time for self-care: Too much to do and too little time to check off your to-do list can lead to less-than-stellar sleep, dehydration, and the temptation to give into vices, like booze and smoking. These can cause congestion in our faces and bodies. 

If you’re nodding your head along to these, take a moment to look in the mirror. You definitely need a skin detox if you notice a dull texture, a patchy skin tone, excess oil, increased wrinkles, and puffiness. 

How to safely do a skin detox

Ready, set, snap your fingers — and clear skin is yours! Or so, we wish. At Covey, we want to help all achieve a healthy complexion through simple, effective products. In addition to keeping your skincare routine a non-negotiable, try these tips for naturally detoxing your skin:

Clean up your diet. 

The first step in a skin detox is giving a long, hard, and honest look at your diet. We suggest keeping a log of everything you consume in a day to try and pinpoint any healthy shifts you could make. Look for clues you’re consuming too much sugar, processed foods or other snacks or meals that lack nutrients.

Replace those habits with vegetables and fruits that will benefit your pores. Psst: there are specific wonders from Mother Nature that will provide you a glow, like avocados, pears, walnuts, kale, watermelon, bananas and broccoli, to name a few. 


Fitness isn’t just key for meeting your workout goals, but it can also benefit your skin health. Also, sweating is a natural and simple way to release whatever lurks underneath your skin’s surface or within your body. Additionally, getting your heart rate up is helpful for your skin’s texture and radiance, all while detoxing toxins, impurities, bacteria and other unwanted waste. 

Increase your water intake. 

It may seem like something you already do, but water is one of the most beneficial ways to practice a skin detox safely. Most of us consume far less H20 than our bodies actually need, leading to chronic dehydration. Instead, we turn to other beverages that only make dry skin more common, like alcohol, sodas, juices and coffee. Begin your day with a tall glass of water with lemon to promote detoxification from the start.

Prioritize sleep. 

It’s okay if you didn’t get enough shut-eye last night. But if it becomes the norm, it can wreak havoc on your pores. After all, our body rejuvenates and repairs itself each evening, so without slumber, our skin can’t heal. As much as you can, wind down at least an hour or two before bed, steer clear of caffeine past noon, and take a break from screen time for better rest.

Get a facial. 

Instead of only shopping for others, give yourself a treat by booking a professional facial. A trained esthetician or dermatologist knows the unique chemical makeup of your face and can design a personalized treatment that stimulates detoxification. Plus, it’s mega relaxing, too. 

Stick with Covey. 

The very best way to achieve optimal skin health? Sticking to your skincare routine, no excuses! That’s why Covey is an excellent way to continuously do a skin detox since you’re religiously cleansing and moisturizing your face. Our three-step ritual takes the guesswork out of skin health, with effective ingredients suitable for all skin types and conditions. Learn more about our coveted routine here.

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