Spend the day with NYC Florist, Caroline Lahti!

Caroline is the owner of Florabrook, a floral design company specializing in Instagram-worthy flower events & installations in NYC. She lives in the suburbs with her husband, daughter Calla and doggy Pongo. As a busy mom and female business owner, here are top tips and a look at her daily routine.  

Find what inspires you 

Caroline truly loves her job & encourages others to think about what inspires you. “I’ll see an amazing flower at the market and revolve my whole arrangement around it and what looks good with it. This is why I often encourage my clients to be flexible in types of flowers, so I can get what looks amazing that day. I’ll also see a meadow of multiple different colors and love the way they work together, or a beautiful sunset with a combo of unexpected swirls of light and remember that when creating,” she said.

Say no 

Over the years, I’ve learned to set boundaries and say no. “I have to prioritize what matters if I want to do my social obligations as well as a business, and have my family and household run smoothly. It’s a constant maze managing time so I’ve learned to unapologetically say no to things to stay sane.”

Her stranded on an island products

Caroline swears by her Revlon blow dry brush. “I do my hair once a week and this tool makes me look put together like I got a blow out instead of my messy bun life.”

Her other go-to is her Swell water bottle. “I try to use less plastic and staying hydrated always makes the biggest difference for me so if I do nothing else, I bring that water bottle with me.”

Carolines Daily Routine

6:00 AM:  Woken up by Calla yelling “mamaaaa” from her crib. She changes and feeds the baby then her husband takes Calla and their dog to the park. 

7:00 AM: Caroline uses this time to eat herself and prepare Calla’s breakfast. “I usually make some sort of veggie omelet. I organize the kitchen and clean up anything we were too lazy to clean the night before,” she said. 

8:00 AM: “I like to start my day by the whole family taking time to hang out together in the living room.”

10:00 AM: Calla takes a 1.5 hour nap and I do my self care. “I take a bath every day, brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I also try to give Pongo 15 min of attention too - he loves the hose so I spray that for him often and he chases it,” laughed Caroline.

2:00 PM: Caroline always tries to maximize what she does during nap time. During Calla’s second nap she usually addresses work emails. 

6:30 PM: Caroline’s husband does Calla’s bath-time while she cleans up & preps for tomorrow. 

8:30 PM: Bedtime! “Even if I’m watching a show I want to finish or if I am invited somewhere late, no matter what I get to bed early. This sets me up for a good next day and I never regret it,” she said. 

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