Real routines with wellness lifestyle and food blogger, Sari Diskin

Sari Diskin is a midwest based content creator who focuses on motherhood, lifestyle and simple recipes. She lives in Detroit with her husband, Jacob and 17th-month-old boy, Miles. 

Take 3 advice

Wake up earlier

Sari has always been a morning person and it’s the best habit she’s brought into her life. Especially now as a new mama! “Waking up even 10 minutes before the baby gives me a few moments to collect myself mentally and ease into the day. I live for my morning time,” said Sari.

Do not be afraid to say no

Sari was a previous people pleaser and perfectionist and as she got into her 30’s she learned that saying no was actually very empowering. “It allowed me to really set the priorities in my life - both personally and professionally - I show up best for myself, my business and the people I love,” said Sari.  

Drink more water

“Drinking more water is the best thing you can do for your health. Get yourself a fun water bottle and make it your best friend. I recently got the hyped Stanley water bottle and I have never been more hydrated in my life. I am way more energized everyday and I am amazed,” she said.  

My Routines

Morning routine - Some days Sari wakes up early and has a productive morning before mom duty and other days she only has enough time for some coffee and to collect a few thoughts. She begins the day at 6:15 with water and coffee. She relaxes with her coffee and meditates or journals, even if it’s 3 minutes. She checks her emails and plans her social media posts for the day. 

7:00am - Quick at home workout if she has time before mom duty

7:30am - Wakes up her son and gives him a bottle 

8:00am - Short neighborhood walk, and calls her mom

8:30am - Breakfast with her son

9:00am - Begins work / errands / appointments if she has childcare, or begins activity with her son.

Evening routine Sari will make dinner while her husband does bathtime with their son and gets him ready for bed. She and her husband enjoy dinner and spend time together. She sets a timer to clean up so she doesn’t waste time and winds down by 8:30pm with tea, tv and responds to DM’s. At 9:30pm she does her skincare routine and is in bed. 

Workout routine: Sari loves a quick sculpt, pilates or strength workout. She usually does 30 minutes on Aubre Winter’s Sweat Sessions app.  “I love her energy so much and I have been working out “with” her for three years, said Sari.”

Relax Routine: There are two ways she likes to relax. Sari enjoys sitting on the coach, watching tv with a glass of wine or sparkling water after there are no more tasks and she can relax and enjoy it. And she likes going on a walk with her son or while listening to music or a podcast. “The fresh air is the best medicine. Generally, I feel most relaxed when I consciously decide to be present,” she said.

Favorite Things

Book:Every Summer After” which is a light romance read. “I was told to read it because it is about a girl from Toronto (like me) and falling in love with a boy in the summer by the lake. Basically my life,” she said. 

Favorite Podcast: The Skinny Confidential. “I love all the guests they bring on! I alway learn and feel inspired,” she said.

Music: She’s a die hard Swiftie and she’s been listening to nothing else but Taylor since her last album came out.

Recipe: “Pasta is my favorite food of all time! My current fave is this spicy blush sauce. I shared it recently on my Instagram. See the full recipe below and video here,” said Sari.

Children’s Book:I like Me”. I love the idea of teaching self love and appreciation from an early age.  

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