Real Routines x Elizabeth Endres

Elizabeth Endres is one of the co-founders of Sweats & The City, ORRO app, and theheard. She is living in NYC and focuses on recommending all things in the health, fitness, wellness, fashion and beauty space.

Take 3 Advice

Workout everyday

Elizabeth started working out 3-4x a week during COVID and hasn’t veered away from it since. “It’s a massive time saver, keeps things super efficient, and you can still get just as good of a workout. I personally use our app ORRO for low impact - pilates and barre type classes - and I’ll never go back,” she said.

Meditation is key

“I recently started doing transcendental meditation and it’s been a game changer for me. It’s do-able (even for an anxious mind like mine) and it feels so good to be committed to a daily practice that betters my mental and physical health,” said Elizabeth.

Take notes

“Using iphone ‘notes’ for a to-do list keeps things organized, and allows you to be able to constantly add and check things off throughout the day. You’ll never miss a thing this way,” she said.

My Routines

Morning routine

“I always, always make the bed first. Then I meditate while I’m still slightly sleepy (makes it a little easier), have a celery juice (ideally), journal a bit, answer some emails, then workout,” shared Elizabeth. 

Evening routine 

“This really varies by the day, but after my skincare and my second meditation, I try to avoid screen time in bed. I’m going to be honest, this is something I’m really working on, but my ideal scenario is reading on my kindle until I fall asleep,” she said. 

Workout routine 

“A blend of ORRO and in-person Pilates classes. I love this mixture, it’s super cost-efficient to mix in at-home classes and my body has never felt better,” said Elizabeth.

Relaxation routine

“One of my favorite relaxation + productivity combos is going to get a foot massage while working on my laptop. IMO, you really kill two birds with one stone and it makes getting a little work done all the more enticing,” she said. Her favorite is All Season on 8th street in NYC!

Favorite Things

Book: “One True Loves” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Podcast: “Absolutely Not” by Heather McMahan (it will make you laugh out loud, always) 

TV Show: Bling Empire (guilty pleasure)

Easy cooking recipe: Air fryer chicken strips! Slice chicken breasts into “chicken tender” size,  cover in olive oil + a blend of seasonings. I like to use paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper + cayenne (and use more than you think you need!), and air fry at 400 for about 15-20  minutes, flipping halfway through.

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