Routines & Rituals We Love: June Edition

Summer is officially in swing — and we are here for it. After nearly a year and a half spent in lockdown, the arrival of warm temperatures and the ability to gather with friends and family is refreshing — and exciting! The warmest months of the year are full of adventuring, whether on vacation or in our backyards. 

And this can mean we are left with little personal time since our social calendar is jam-packed. So while it’s tough, make sure to steal away at least a few moments each day for self-care. This can be when you’re meditating, going for a walk with your pup, or applying your Covey products

A way to ensure the sweet summertime doesn’t leave you feeling mentally and physically drained, a routine can keep you accountable. We needed a little nudge ourselves, which is why we scoured the web for these tips and tricks. Here’s what has inspired us to stick to our schedules this month:

Don’t skip your pre-workout stretch routine. Here’s why

Whether you’re a yoga fan or a boot camp junkie, staying active is vital for your emotional health. But to ensure you can keep running, jumping or downward-dogging until your golden years, you need to commit to a stretching routine before and after your workouts. In this guide from Self, you can learn the ideal moves for your body. 

We sort of love Stephen King’s daily routine

If you haven’t read the Wall Street Journal’s ‘My Monday Morning’ column, add it to your list ASAP. In this series, they profile iconic and inspiring authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other influencers, on how they structure their days. A recent fave focused on Stephen King, who begins his morning with a gratitude practice, then spends four hours a day writing… and swears by his afternoon nap. So where do we sign up!?

Less is more with skincare. 

Minimalism skincare is in. Okay, okay — we say it a lot. But it’s because it’s true! When you cut back on the steps in your A.M. or P.M. ritual, you give your pores a breather; you reduce product build-up, you allow your natural beauty to shine, and so much more. Check out our guide to the ‘skiminaism’ trend on our blog.

Why a family routine matters — especially in the summer.

In case you missed it, family planning is top of mind for our co-founder. Emily. She’s expecting her first child and already brainstorming ways to maintain a routine for everyone. In this fascinating (and super helpful!) guide from PureWow, you’ll learn new strategies for getting everyone out the door — from your toddler to your partner. 

If you wear foundation, you need to try this.

Ooof. We’ve all been there. You meticulously go through your skincare and makeup routine, and you look flawless. Then you step outside to the summer heat and humidity, and it, quite literally, melts off. One TikTok star @Samyha has a hack for that: reverse your routine by applying moisturizer as the first step in your ritual. Hey, we’re up for trying anything. Watch her advice here

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