Tasha Franken’s best advice, favorite meals and must watch shows

Tasha Franken is a model, health coach, Pilates instructor & founder of T – F Studio. She is half Norwegian half Dutch and was born & raised in Spain. She is currently based in LA where she creates content and takes care of her Yorkie, Peanut. 

Take 3 Advice:

Find the  workout that works for you

For Tasha, pilates is the best workout she’s ever done for her body and she’s tried it all. “I spent years following workout and diet trends that left me feeling bulky, stressed and inflamed. It wasn’t until I slowed down and tried Pilates that I discovered a workout that REALLY worked for me! Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, listen to your body and find what works for you,” she said.

A solid morning routine has the most impact on your day

A morning routine is by far Tasha’s most important routine. “It’s the small consistent and sustainable daily habits that become long lasting benefits,” she said. Tasha makes sure to take time to focus on herself first thing which can include movement, meditation, journaling, greens and sunshine! 

Find the balance in everything you do

Tasha believes finding the right, consistent balance in every area of your life will help you with consistency. "Living in extremes is not sustainable, so it’s important to find your balance in work, relationships, workouts, food etc. That way, everything will fall into place and you’ll be able to keep it going long term,” she said. 

My Routines:

Morning Routine: The first thing Tasha does is go outside. “The sunshine is an instant mood boost for me. Even if there's no sunshine, it's so important to get fresh air,” she said. Next is her morning line up of drinks known as her elixirs. She starts with water, Athletic Greens, hot coffee or matcha with walnut milk and then quickly checks emails for anything important before her workout. 

Workout Routine: Tasha will meditate for 5-10 minutes on her higher dose PEMF mat and then journal & go through her  to do list. She moves onto a 30 min outdoor T – F Studio Pilates workout.

Skincare Routine: Tasha takes skincare very seriously because she’s prone to breakouts. “My go to brands are Face reality and allies of skin because they use non pore-clogging ingredients,” she said. 

  •  She starts with a gentle cleanser, tones and uses a hyaluronic acid for hydration followed by an active serum like mandelic or vitamin c. 
  • Then she applies a nourishing moisturizer and SPF (a must, every single day). 
  • She also LOVES to use face tools like the gua-sha, therabody face and higher dose red light face mask.

Favorite Things

One of the ways Tasha prioritizes wellness is by making sure to have three healthy meals a day! Breakfast usually consists of fruit first for easier digestion then oatmeal, toast or a smoothie. Tasha’s go to dinner is a mash bowl.

  • include a protein, vegetables, and adds carbs (TIP: she uses ones that are ready to eat in the fridge). 
  • Add a bit of everything to a plate, heat it up, and throw it on top of arugula in a bowl. 
  • Top with a sauce, dip, avocado and crunchy pumpkin seeds. Check out similar protein bowl recipes here!

She is obsessed with Atomic Habits by James Clear. “It’s helped me become more organized and productive by introducing habit stacking techniques to my daily routine,” she said.

To unwind, Tasha likes to watch an episode (or two) every night and currently loves Yellowstone and Jack Ryan. She recently started a new show called The Last of Us. “This was SO good I can’t wait to continue watching, I feel like it's going to be my new favorite show,” she said. 

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