Yep, Your Thanksgiving Dinner Benefits Your Skin

It’s that time a year again where family gathers for food, fun and warm memories. The kitchen smells amazing and you’re reminded of all the things you have to be grateful for this year. But this Thanksgiving, we’ll add a few more to your list for you. 

After all, did you know most of your favorite holiday dishes contain superfoods with the power to transform for your skin?

So stash away that food guilt and indulge. This Thanksgiving feast will bring you more than a glow of gratitude.

Sweet Potatoes

Whether you’re on team marshmallow or strudel for your sweet potato casserole topping, having a healthy helping of those yams will actually make your skin feel softer and look younger.

Not only are they rich in vitamins like vitamin C and E, they’re also loaded with antioxidants. But their secret super power lies within the high beta-carotene levels and inclusion of anthocyanins, making this superfood an amazing fighter against the free radicals that age our skin. 

Say bye to blemishes and dark spots and hello to Grandma Betty’s famous sweet potato pie. Who knew taking care of your skin could be so delicious?

Green Beans

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without a healthy dose of something green. Whether you serve it in a casserole topped with crispy onions or in a crockpot with bacon, turns out your side of green beans isn’t just your token “green vegetable dish.” These little beans contain a slew of important ingredients that are key to having great skin. The following dramatically boost your skin’s ability to fight aging:

  • Carotenoids luetin
  • Beta carotein
  • Neoxanthin
  • Violaxanthin

And that’s not the only super powers hiding inside this dish. There is a significant amount of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, potassium, folate, and more. 

But the really impressive part is that it contains an easily absorbed type of silicon responsible for helping with the formation of healthy connective tissue throughout your body– including your skin. 

A second helping? Don’t mind if we do. 


Autumn is the perfect time for apple picking with friends and family. And chances are, you’re probably having at least some kind of apple dish this Thanksgiving whether it’s paired with something for the main dinner or served as a delectable pie for dessert. This sweet holiday ingredient is also doing wonders for your skin.

An average sized apple has around 14 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C! This impressive fruit actually will speed up skin cell production. Plus, the amount of vitamin B it holds will also help fight acne.

One study found that Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples are extra protective and helpful for skin due to the high levels of collagen and elastin.  

And as if that weren’t enough, apples  also contains copper which encourages melanin production within our skin, ultimately helping to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Pumpkins are such an iconic part of this time of year, you can’t escape them. From decorations to pie, the pumpkin is practically a holiday guest itself. If you’re thinking about passing on dessert this year, think again and make room. 

Pumpkins do wonders for clearing up your skin. Thanks to its niacin, riboflavin, B6 and folate, pumpkins help increase blood circulation which is crucial for treating acne. When paired with its zinc and potassium contents, it’s an acne-fighting hero, reducing redness and overall inflammation in the skin. 

And as if that isn’t enough, pumpkins also can improve your overall tone and elasticity of your skin thanks to its ability to increase collagen production. According to the International Dermal Institute, pumpkins will brighten, smooth and promote regrowth of your skin cells.

And, like sweet potatoes, it is an amazing source for vitamin C and beta-carotene which can even reverse UV damage in the long run.

Pass the pumpkin pie, please!


Turns out, eating your share of the turkey will give you way more than a good nap this Thanksgiving. Even the famous main course will benefit your skin. We all know that turkey is a rich source of protein, which our whole body benefits from.

But the real skin secret lies within the high concentration zinc. Zinc helps maintain the body’s natural collagen and elastin fibers– all key components for maintaining firmer, younger looking skin. 

So kick back, relax and enjoy that turkey-induced coma. Your skin is getting more beautiful by the second.

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