Top 12 Skincare Influencers on TikTok in 2023

Whether you need a break in between meetings or you’re winding down for the evening, TikTok remains a great mental escape. You can find a little bit of everything — humor, news updates, funny pets, sweet newborn babies, home decor ideas, and our personal favorite: skincare advice.

We soak up anything-and-everything related to healthy, radiant skin, and we like to turn to the experts for their insights. In addition to following our co-founder Emily DiDonato for her skin tips, check out these ten inspiring and informative skincare TikTokers. 

1. Dr. Shah 


Team Retinol #dermdoctor #kiehlspartner #dermatologist #skincare #retinol #ceramides

♬ Wear Me Out (Instrumental Version) - Gamma Skies

 This professional dermatologist shares all his tips and tricks from a perspective you can trust. He covers practical skincare areas from how to gently cleanse your face to exact instructions on how to remove ticks. And, of course, he also makes fantastic TikTok reaction videos everyone loves. And by everyone, we mean a lot: he has over 9 million followers and counting. 

2. YayayaYoung


Um… please wash your hands. #WashYourHands #PreSkincare #GoodHygiene

♬ original sound - yayayayoung

Truly, this male skincare Tiktoker influencer is absolutely hilarious. Not only does he have the standard skincare tips and tricks everyone loves, he does unique things too. Recently he did a face mask with breast milk (yep, breast milk.) And he shared a demonstration of why you need to wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face. All his videos have humor sprinkled throughout, and we can’t get enough.

3. Charlotte Palermino 


Stop the lava eyes #WelcomeBack #beautytips #skincare101 #skincare #spf #sunscreenhacks #skincaretips #beautyroutine #beautytips

♬ Sex And The City - Main Theme - Geek Music

As a co-founder of Diuex and licensed esthetician, Charlotte Palermino calls herself “your skincare fairy godmother.” She has amazing, practical tips and advocates for sunscreen as a part of your daily routine. She’s known for diving deep into clinical studies and simplifying the facts about skincare ingredients. Charlotte also takes complex technical topics in the skincare world — like sunscreen filters — and makes them easy enough for the average skincare enthusiast to understand. Her evidence-based approach is refreshing in a world full of hauls and sponsored opinions. 

4. Cassandra Bankson


TikTok Derms to ask first: @drdrayzday @dermdoctor @208skindoc @dermbeautydoc @dermangelo @dralexisstephens @skincareryan @dr.mamina #skincare #myths

♬ original sound - Cassandra Bankson

If you enjoy playing devil’s advocate, you’ll love Charlotte Bankson. She is a medical esthetician who loves debunking the myths surrounding the beauty industry. She also does comprehensive reviews of products while also embracing the fun trends circulating TikTok feeds.

5. Dr. Alexis  


ALPHA H is an amazing way to introduce #glycolic acid into your skincare routine for a gentle yet effective exfoliation link in bio. #exfoliate #ahas

♬ original sound - Dr Alexis

 Dr. Alexis Stephens is a professional female dermatologist on a mission to bring educated information to the masses with her TikTok videos. She also provides many skin care tips for those with darker skin. We love her innovative attitude and simple approach that’s super easy to understand. 

6. Dr. Howard  


#BombPopAwards #PrimeDayDealsDance #dermatology #skincare #skintok #skincareroutine

♬ Thot Shit - Megan Thee Stallion

If you prefer direct and blunt advice, this female dermatologist doesn’t sugarcoat her perspective. If you want your skincare influencers to be knowledgeable and to the point, this is the one. Plus: she crams a ton of information in short videos.

7. Ben Neiley 


I hope these alternatives are helpful if these products also didn’t work for you 🥰 #greenscreen #skincare #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound - Ben Neiley

 To put it lightly, Ben Neiley is obsessed with all-things-skincare and health. The only thing he loves more than trying new formulas is sharing his vast knowledge with his growing fanbase. We love that he’s not afraid to go against the crowd and say what he doesn’t like about popular products. Plus, he gives helpful tips on how to tackle your own skincare issues — from acne to inflammation. 

8. Dr. Joyce 


Let’s go shopping for an oily or #acne prone #skincareroutine #dermbypark

♬ Touch Down 2 Cause Hell - Hd4president

Do you enjoy hearing the tea? Warm up your kettle and settle in for a long viewing party with Dr. Joyce. As a Stanford NYU-trained dermatologist, she brings her professional opinion to TikTok to save us all from making unhealthy, trendy mistakes. She makes educated skincare knowledge practical and accessible.

9. Hyram Yarbro


Am I dramatic? Yes. But am I serous? Also yes ✨ Inspired by @mannymua733 #skincare

♬ It's Tricky - RUN DMC

As one of the top skincare influencers on TikTok with nearly 7 million followers, Hyram Yarbro is a must-follow. He brings humor, amazing reaction videos, and great tips. Most of his content is filmed from his home, making him relatable and, well, adorable, too. 

10. Dr. Dustin Portela


#duet with @daisyruizflores84 keloid scar treatment options #scar #keloid #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

With 1.4 million followers, Dr. Dustin Portela is a dermatologist influencer is known for his reaction videos and explaining weird, rare skin issues. He’ll review skincare products, give the low-down on sunscreen and debunk myths. Also, he is a dad who will occasionally try skincare products with his daughter.

11. Alexa Johnson  

@glowopedia Swatching SPF - sometimes you need to see the texture to know! Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense SPF 30 Coppertone Glow SPF 50 Everyday Humans Oh my Bod SPF 50 Sun Bum SPF 70 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion SPF 50 For more info see my last reel where I rate most of these on a scale of 1-10 #skintok #spf #skincaretips #skincare101 @Sun Bum @Neutrogena @Coppertone USA ♬ karma sped up - ✨️j <3 ✨️

Alexa is the brains behind @glowopedia on TikTok, and her channel is refreshingly down-to-earth about skincare. For the ASMR-inclined, Alexa has an entire series on aesthetic unboxings highlighting the textures and sounds of different products. Beyond that, she's a sunscreen stick enthusiast with a passion for education around sunscreen.    

12. Lisa Guerrera

@lisagrrera I look crazy in this cause I just woke up!!! Also if you’re interested I’ll do a vid on each but this is what works for me!#greenscreen #cysticacne #cysticacnehealing #acnejourney #acnetreatment #tretinoin #spironolactone #hormonalacne ♬ Yacht Club - MusicBox

Lisa is the CEO of Experiment Beauty and a chemist who also creates funny, relatable content on her TikTok — whether that's her PM skincare routine as a chemist, a breakdown of how she cured her cystic acne with prescriptions and topicals, or lamenting the universally awful experience of getting sunscreen in your eyes.   


The wrap up 

There you have it — a dozen skincare Tiktokers who continually pump out amazing content to keep us in the loop about trending ingredients, new products, and what's worth the hype. 

Want to keep your routine simple and easy? Check out the low maintenance Covey routine.

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