Sweats & The City’s Dale Stabler shares her real routines as a new Mom.

Dale Stabler is one of the co-founders of Sweats & The City, ORRO app, and theheard. She currently lives in LA and focuses on recommending all things in the health, fitness, wellness, fashion + beauty, and motherhood space.

Take 3 Advice

Have a morning routine

Dale loves being able to take care of her physical and mental health first thing as it helps with her daily productivity. “It keeps me focused and when I give to myself, I’m better prepared to accomplish tasks throughout the day. This includes a workout, journaling and limited screen time in the AM,” she said. 

Wake up early

“I am such an early riser and find myself to be more productive in the morning than at night. Night is my time to wind down and recharge,” said Dale. 

Time blocking and to-do lists

“I always write down a list of what needs to get done the night before and try to focus on one thing at a time. This way, I can fully assess and see my day when I get to work in the morning. It helps me become more productive and less overwhelmed,” she said, 

My Routines

Morning routine

While things have changed for Dale after becoming a mom, she admitted her schedule revolves completely around her son. “At the beginning, there’s no “routine” with a newborn, so I fed whenever he was hungry and when he slept, I would eat breakfast (as much food as possible!), journal, and get ready for the day,” said Dale. While she didn’t exercise immediately after giving birth she did go for light walks around the neighborhood.  

Evening routine 

Dale usually showers and gets ready for bed while her son sleeps.. She then brings him into her room and they will hang out for an hour or two while he naps on her. “I will talk and read to him and then feed him before I go to sleep for a little,” said Dale. 

Workout routine

Pre-baby, Dale was working out 5-6x a week, even pregnant! “I would do about 4-5 ORRO app classes a week from home (30 minute or so low-impact workouts) first thing in the morning, and then aim for 8-10k steps a day. I would additionally do 1-2x in-studio classes a week, often on the pilates reformer. I’m excited to get back into it eventually! It really changes your day. Doing ORRO from home will especially come in handy then,” said Dale. 

Favorite Things

Easy cooking recipe

“My airfryer truly is my saving grace! I’ll throw in salmon, veggies and potatoes in there. Or, I’ll buy frozen rice from Trader Joes and just microwave it. TJ’s is the best for easy sides,” said Dale.

Favorite baby toy

“I have my Lovevery subscription coming soon and excited to explore that with him, I’ve heard amazing things,” she said

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