4 Ways to Create a Hygge-Inspired Skincare Routine

If you’ve been counting down to Autumn since — ahem — last Fall, you’re in your prime right now. Cooler temperatures, toasty indoor fires, the cascading, rich colors of nature, and the permission to snuggle up all weekend are some of your favorite things.

This time of year is ideal for adding a little ‘hygge’ to your skincare routine. If you’re unfamiliar with this hype, ‘hygge’ is a Danish word that refers to a sense of being in the moment, indulging in self-care or precious time with loved ones, and tuning in to your senses. In other words: it’s all about being cozy and calm — and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives? 

At Covey, we believe your skincare ritual should not only be simple but enjoyable, and encourage you to give yourself a little more TLC. As we head into a new season, consider adding these hygge-inspired activities to your nightly winddown. You’ll find your pores are not only radiant from your Covey products, but your mind and body are more relaxed, too. 

Wind down. 

Before you start your skincare routine, you need to get the ‘wiggles’ out of your body. You know what we mean: all of the aches and pains — whether mental or physical — that cause you to hold tension. You can go through a gentle yoga practice or guided stretch, both of which will loosen up your limbs and provide zen. Don’t forget to wear something forgiving so you can really go deep into the positions and reap the benefits

Covey loves: Tone It Up: co-founded by two women (woohoo!), the Tone It Up app offers a wide variety of workout classes. You can search in their robust library or follow a program of your choice, all on-demand!  

Light a candle.

As you pull out your cleanser, serum and moisturizer, ready to wash away the day, grab one more thing: a candle. In Denmark (and all Scandinavian countries), candles are a home essential, and they are often lit to somber the mood and create harmony. Lower the lights, light the candle and think about how you’re supporting your health by caring for your skin

Covey loves: Hotel Lobby’s candle collection: even if you can’t travel right now, you can smell your way to the unmistakable scent of luxury hotels — from Miami to Paris. Created by a travel journalist, frequent fliers will appreciate reminiscing about past trips and recalling special memories. 

Create a gratitude practice. 

While your moisturizer is setting in, don’t just stand in the bathroom mirror scrolling through TikTok. Instead, get into the habit of practicing gratitude. Giving thanks for the supportive people, opportunities and health that we are lucky to have keeps us grounded and eases our anxieties. 

Rather than worrying about what’s going wrong, paying tribute to what is going right is better for our outlook and mood. To create a ripple effect, take it a step further and write ole’ fashioned cards to your friends and family. They will be wowed and touched by the gesture.

Covey Loves: CatBird’s card collection: while this Brooklyn, New York-based shop is known for its jewelry, its online store also has many other goods. We love their card options that describe friendships perfectly, like ‘Beautiful & Strange’ and ‘All Full of Love.’ 

Get cozy after. 

Ahh, the best part: sleep! Make your bed a hygge haven with a cozy, soft blanket and an eye mask. You can go through meditation, listen to soothing music, or even indulge in pillow talk with your partner. The goal is to be disconnected from your phone and all distractions and allow yourself to decompress from the stress of your day naturally. 

Covey Loves: LoveShackFancy’s Queen Plaid Blanket: plush and welcoming, you’ll enjoy wrapping yourself up in this must-have. It’s ideal as a top layer on your bed, as an oversized throw for your couch, or anywhere you like to doze off. 

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