How to Use a Face Roller in Your Skincare Routine

We’ll admit it: at Covey, we geek out over all things beauty and skin. A new tool has gained popularity in recent years, promising to drain our sinuses, decrease inflammation, and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

You’re game, right? Us too — but we weren’t sure where to get started on how to use a face roller. And, how do you know if you’re doing it correctly? What are the benefits? Is it worth it as part of our skincare routine?

Though we never recommend adding more steps to your rituals (we love simplicity!), there could be perks to using a face roller a few times a week. If for nothing else, it’s a soothing experience that gives you a little extra self-care time. 

Here, a guide on how to use a face roller and what to expect from the practice:

The Benefits of Using a Face Roller

First, what is a face roller? It’s a small tool, usually featuring a stone of sorts, that (you guessed it) roll over your face. You can focus on various regions, like your forehead, eyes, and so on, dependent on your skin needs and comfort.

There is also a slew of techniques, designs and approaches, but we will stick to the fundamental way of how to use a face roller. When you implement this practice into your skincare routine, you will start to notice some improvements in your complexion and overall wellness. To name a few:

You’ll have less puffiness. 

Getting enough sleep can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword: you feel well rested, but the heavy, deep rest creates puffiness. The same is true when you don’t get enough shut-eye — what gives? Sadly, there are many other reasons for inflammation, including our diet, the products we choose, and more. A face roller can work magic in this department since it stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping your face to quite literally de-puff. 

You’ll relieve your clogged sinuses.

The next time you’re feeling under the weather, whip out your face roller and start the massage process. Much like relieving puffiness under your eyes, this technique can encourage your sinuses to drain, providing relief and comfort.

Your skin will look brighter and firmer.

Since you are rolling a cold stone throughout your face, you are encouraging your veins to engage. This improves blood circulation in your face and can leave your complexion more radiant and feel firmer. With consistent use, you may start to see a noticeable difference in your skin’s brightness and aging

You will better distribute your skincare products.

When you go through your skincare routine, you probably don’t give too much thought to how well you massage the product into your pores. This can be a mistake since absorption is what helps your skin to improve and maintain its glow. A face roller can help encourage the product to seep into your skin on a deeper level, giving you the results you desire.

You’ll feel soothed.

Though this may not seem like a big ‘ole benefit, anything that promotes self-care is a win in our book. One of the reasons to learn how to use a face roller is to have another self-soothing tool in your toolbox. Particularly if you keep your face roller in the freezer, it can be a source of comfort or coolness after a stressful day or even after a hot bath.

By decreasing your anxiety and lowering your heart rate, you’re fighting against high-stress levels, which can cause breakouts. Plus: it just feels nice. 

How to Use a Face Roller As Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Ready to reap the benefits of this unique skincare tool? Here’s how to use a face roller as part of your skincare routine, from start to finish.

Step One: First, pick your stone.

There are a plethora of face rollers on the market, all of which feature different stones. Ancient medicine believes different stones provide a variety of properties. The most popular ones include:

  • Black Obsidian: This stone is considered the stone of protection, and it will help to protect your aura and clean it. So if you need to relieve mental stress and recenter your body and mind, the Black Obsidian could help you feel more grounded and give you the detox you need.
  • Rose Quartz: Widely considered the stone of love, you can think of the pink hue as a way to purify and open your heart (and pores). It’s also tied to circulation, so it will open up those sinuses while also being a source of comfort. 
  • Green Jade: If you’re mainly focusing on anti-aging, Jade is the way to go. It’s said to increase elasticity and improve cell turnover, resulting in less inflammation and more collagen. Plus, it may just spark your intuition, according to some gurus.

Step Two: Prep your skin. 

As we mentioned, a benefit of using a face roller is how it helps products to penetrate your skin. Once you’ve decided what type of stone fits your need, grab your Covey routine. After cleansing your face, it’s time to apply our vitamin C serum. You can then use the face roller from here or wait until you apply the moisturizer. You could also use the face roller twice, after serum and after the moisturizer. 

Step Three: Ready to roll.

After the vitamin C serum of the moisturizer has rested for a minute, it’s time to use your face roller. For an all-over technique, start at your chin and make your way to the cheeks in slow, gentle rolls. Once you’re at the center of your face, you can shift your massage to a more sweeping roll that follows your collarbone to the chin and around the sides of your neck. Continue this method until you feel soothed.

How to Use a Face Roller Throughout Your Face

Another benefit of using a face roller as part of your skincare routine is touching hard-to-reach areas. Here are some techniques for your eyes, forehead, nose, lips, chin and jawline: 

How to Use a Face Roller On Your Eyes

Gentle is key here! This is a very delicate area of your face, and you don’t want to push too hard. Instead, start under your eye socket with a handful of easy rolls. You can begin from the inner edge (that’s where your nose hits your brow) and then roll from top to under your tear duct. Repeat on both sides.

How to Use a Face Roller On Your Forehead

This one is a little more straightforward since, hey, it’s the biggest space to work with. The best method is to start rolling from the center and then move from one ear to another. Try not to apply too much pressure, or you could give yourself a headache.

How to Use a Face Roller On Your Nose, Lips and Chin

With each of these areas, the goal is to use the face roller three to six times. Keep your motions fluid and consistent, and don’t neglect any area. If something feels good, keep going! You may need more drainage in certain spots compared to others. 

How to Use a Face Roller On Your Jawline and Neck

Remember, your jawline and neck are part of the anti-aging process, too! To use a face roller in these areas, begin at your chin and work up. Then, do the same motion across your collarbones. 

How to Use a Face Roller With Covey

It’s easy! As you go through your Covey skincare routine, add a face roller practice to see an even more improved complexion. And to slow down so you can really soak up the experience of a nightly ritual. 

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