Spend the day with celebrity hair and make-up artist Crystal Gossman

Crystal is known for making people look like a naturally enhanced version of themselves and has done makeup for models on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and our own co-founder, Emily DiDonato.  Here’s her top advice & her daily routine breakdown.

Have a consistent skincare routine

Before becoming a makeup artist, Crystal was an esthetician and skincare is the one area she prioritizes the most.  “My skin is very reactive if I do not stay on top of it. One day of not giving it proper love and I’ll have a breakout,” she said. Being able to find a skincare routine that you can be consistent with is key. For anyone looking for that natural make up look, Crystal’s number one tip is don’t over apply foundation and concealer!  

Three Must Have Products 

When it comes to creating the natural look, Crystal’s favorites are:

Prep the night before 

To help her productivity, Crystal always preps things the night before she has a job and keeps a checklist so she can bask in that euphoric feeling of crossing things off the list! 

Motivation through self talk  

When she needs motivation she uses self talk and says out loud what she wants to accomplish and acknowledges things she has accomplished. “And other times, I just need to watch a few inspiring / motivating tik toks and I’m good,” said Crystal.  

Inside Look into Crystal’s daily routine 

6:30 AM: Crystal starts out every morning with a warm glass of lemon water! "It’s to help with digestion and stomach acid. Also it has an alkalinizing effect,” she said.  

7:00 AM: She takes daily supplements that are from her functional medicine doctor. 

  • Breakfast recipe: A green smoothie with kale, spinach, chia, hemp seed, half banana, mixed fruit, water, and a medical grade smoothie mix from her doctor and adds two cooked eggs.  

9:00 AM: On good days she sits down and does 15 minutes of some breathing exercises. "I love using a device called Heart Math that tracks my breathing and brain activity while doing those exercises", said Crystal. She will then take her dog on a nice walk around Liberty state park. 

11:00 AM: If she’s not working she will head to the gym or run sprints with her husband who started a sprinting group in Jersey City this summer.

12:30 PM: Dive into work at home where she checks emails, updates her personal website with new images, sends new images to her agent or works on social media videos. If she’s on set, those days vary with new locations and new people, which keeps her on her toes! 

6:00 PM: Cook dinner and try to eat before 7:30 pm. “Eating before 7:30 pm has a positive effect on sleep and digestion,” she added. 

8:00 PM: “At night is when I take the time to put some extra TLC into my skin care routine,” said Crystal, who spends 20-30 minutes using her B3 wand and Yina Gua Sha tools on her face to finish out the day in a relaxing way.  

Her best advice! 

Crystal’s daily routine involves a lot of skincare for her clients and for herself and she loves the career she chose! She gets to travel the world while creating beauty! “Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s, said Crystal, who also added that community is key when it comes to professional advice!   

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