How to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Summer Weather to Fall

It’s almost time to pack up our swimsuits and sundresses and trade them for scarves and boots. The change of seasons brings new to-do list items — from cleaning out our closets to starting a new hobby or habit.  

What doesn’t need to be hectic or cumbersome is your skincare routine. However, as with every other part of your life, you should make some small changes in your approach as you shift from the summer season to autumn. 

These minor yet meaningful swaps and rituals will fight against dull skin, providing you a healthy, vibrant complexion. Here, Covey’s guide to skincare tips for fall: 

What happens to our skin in the fall?

During the summer, you may notice your skin is naturally dewy and supple, thanks to the humidity in the air. While those with acne-prone skin may see an uptick in breakouts due to congested pores with sweat, sunscreen and grime, others may relish in their sun-kissed appearance. However, as soon as fall appears on the calendar, changes inside and outside challenge you to shift your skincare routine

Cooler temperatures and wind, as well as indoor heaters, all dry out the skin and can potentially cause damage to our outermost barrier. When this happens, our skin can become more sensitive and even crack or chap. If we don’t effectively transition our skincare routine and treat (or better yet, prevent!) these symptoms, our pores can become uncomfortably inflamed. 

How to transition your skincare routine from summer weather to fall

Luckily, there are easy habits to add (or remote) from your regimen that give your skin exactly what it needs in the breezy, chilly days of autumn. 

Fall Skincare Tip 1: Exfoliate first.

Before the weather outside becomes frightful, give your summer-worn skin a little TLC. Even if you had the perfect skincare routine from May to August, your pores could still use an extra deep clean through gentle exfoliation. This ensures you get through any built-up sweat, self-tanner, sunscreen, blackheads, whiteheads, and other culprits.

The goal is to leave your skin with a clean slate that’s ready to shine for the fall. You can simply use a loofa or a wet brush to go over your body and face two to three times a week. Once the weather becomes cooler, limit exfoliation to once a week or for sensitive skin, once every two weeks. 

Fall Skincare Tip 2: Avoid double-cleansing. 

As we’ve shared before, we’re not fans of the double-cleansing method. Though many skincare YouTubers rave about the benefits, we believe a single cleanser should be strong enough to wash your face in one go effectively. (And psst: The Covey First Up Cleanser does just that!) No matter the season, washing your face twice, three or more times rips the natural oil from your pores, leaving them vulnerable. 

Without this layer of protection, you’re even more likely to have dull skin that’s dry and flaky. After all: colder temperatures automatically mean less moisture in the air, so the more you cleanse, the more at risk you become. Instead, stick with Covey’s First Up Cleanser to cut through grime and makeup, all while leaving your natural radiance intact. 

Fall Skincare Tip 3: Keep your bath temperature warm — but not hot. 

After you return from a leisurely walk outside in the crisp fall air, it’s tempting to run yourself a steaming bath, pour a glass of wine and decompress. While we definitely recommend self-care, a super-hot bath isn’t ideal in the autumn or winter months.

It could be comforting when you need to be warmed up but removes your natural moisture and creating dry, dull skin. Instead, change your skincare routine to include warm but not-too-hot baths or showers. And: don’t forget to lather up with lotion once you dry off to lock in the hydration. 

Fall Skincare Tip 4: Let your moisturizer absorb — and reapply if needed.

Our Covey Last But Not Least Moisturizer is lightweight, silky to the touch, and will quench your pores. However, even if you’re using it daily, you may need to be a tad more patient with your skincare routine in the fall season. Since you may be naturally drier in the cooler weather, it’s essential to allow your moisturizer to absorb fully before moving on to makeup application. (And yes, this is a smart tactic 365-days a year, but particularly in the colder months of the year.)

If your pores soak up the moisturizer quickly, consider applying another thin layer to provide a hydration boost. For the best results, go through your Covey three-step skincare routine right after you hop out of the shower, so your skin is warm and better able to absorb the formulas. (Psst: Dermatologists call this method the ‘soak and smear,’ and it’s typically used in professional skincare services, like facials.)

Fall Skincare Tip 5: Stay hydrated and use a humidifier. 

As we’ve explored before, you are not only what you eat — but your skin is a reflection of your diet. And the most beneficial way you can have glowing beauty from the inside out is to nourish your body. During the fall season, you may crave a pumpkin spice latte or a cinnamon cappuccino, but what your digestive system really needs is good ‘ole H20.

Chances are slim you’re drinking the recommended daily water intake, which is 11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men, according to the United States National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Though many people think of water as a summer-ritual, it’s equally important in the fall since you could be exposed to weather conditions that create dryness and inflammation. If you often wake up with a stuffy nose or your skin feels tight and parched in the morning, consider also adding a humidifier to your bedroom. As the name suggests, it adds more humidity to your space, resulting in better, hydrated skin. 

Fall Skincare Tip 6: Talk to your dermatologist about laser treatments.

During the hottest days of the year, dermatologists typically don’t recommend laser treatments to improve the appearance of fine lines and/or remove acne scarring. This is because these types of in-office procedures remove layers of your skin, revealing clearer skin underneath.

While effective, it does leave your skin at risk for intense sun damage since you don’t have the same level of protection. However, many experts say the fall or winter are ideal times to invest in this type of skincare routine. If you’ve been on the fence, consider chatting with your trusted derm to explore your options. 

Fall Skincare Tip 7: Make your routine special. 

You are in charge of your seasonal skincare routine — and it can be your reserved time to focus on yourself. 

And if you need to destress, light some candles, meditate or listen to music, and calm your mind and senses. The goal is to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall and from being rushed to being special. You deserve it! 

Want fewer steps in your routine for fall? Shop the Covey three-step skincare routine.

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