Here’s How a Mom Influencer Balances it All

At Covey, we’re inspired by the routines of leaders and influencers we admire. Now, we’re getting real with an insider look at their regimens to see what we can learn.

This month, we had the chance to chat with Brianne Manz, the mom blogger and influencer behind Stroller in the City. She chronicles her day-to-day life raising three daughters in Manhattan, sharing the good, bad, hard, and beautiful parenting.

She also offers a glimpse into her travel adventures and advice on styling, beauty and more. We love her authenticity and charm, and we’re excited to share the secrets behind her daily rituals: 

Skip the alarm clock. 

Believe it or not, Brianne’s day starts at 6 a.m., where she naturally gets up without an alarm clock. She uses this sacred hour before her kiddos get up to have coffee and check email. She says over time; her body was trained to have an eternal clock, primarily due to having three children and running her own business. The benefits of not waking to a blaring ring tone are impressive:

  • It’s better for our hormone melatonin, which regulates our body's day-night rhythm.
  • It starts your day calmer and more soothing, often waking with the sun.
  • It makes you more productive since you tend to rise earlier. 

Make meals healthy — but exciting. 

There’s no doubt Brianne is busy: running a popular blog and Instagram, caring for children, investing in her friendships and marriage. For her though, there’s no negotiating over cooking dinner for her family. She enjoys the challenge of creating something healthy but yummy, like white fish, stuffed vegetables, and other lean protein combinations. She says it’s one of her favorite ways to decompress. 

Enjoy life unscripted. 

One of the fascinating aspects of Brianne’s career is that no day is alike. On any given day, she could be at a fun networking event, attending a hot new product launch, or at home creating seasonal content. Having life unscripted can seem stressful, but it is actually a way to build creativity, gain inspiration, and bring new skills to the table. 

Set aside time for yourself however you can. 

With three kids in New York City, Brianne is always on the go. However, she makes it her mission to have mindful self-care time through yoga or cardio on the weekends. Usually, this means prioritizing a weekend class at some of her favorite studios:

  • SoulCycle: A heart-racing indoor cycling class that benefits your body and soul.
  • Bande Together: A barre-inspired class that challenges muscles you didn’t know you had! 
  • DanceBody: A fun dance and strength class that will leave you with a boost of energy. 

To make it essential, Brianne reminds herself that self-care contributes to her motherhood. When she’s at her personal best, so is her mothering. 

Indulge in a guilty pleasure that relaxes you.

Sure, parenting is a big job. So is building and maintaining a business. However, guilty pleasures that allow you to unwind are just as crucial in our routines. Brianne says once the kids go to sleep around 9 p.m., she wraps up work and then rewards herself with a guilty-pleasure television show, like Real Housewives of New York. It might not seem essential, but it helps our minds disconnect from the grind.

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