How This Busy Mom & Fitness NYC Instructor Gets Moving Every Day

Meet Kristina Earnest, a fitness instructor specializing in HIIT, strength training, boxing, and mobility work with her popular programs (and app)! 

Kristina’s daily routine includes a great mix of family time — thanks to family meals and playtime with her two young toddlers — and filling her own cup first through her gratitude practice, daily movement, and (yep!) soothing skincare routine. 

Let’s dive into 4 daily habits Kristina swears by, plus she answers 4 of our burning questions about balance. 

📝 Keep a mental (or written) gratitude list.

Kristina is a huge proponent of a daily practice of gratitude. It’s the linchpin in her morning routine. This helps her stay grounded, centered, and remember her “why” for everything she gets to do during the day. 

She said, “Before my feet hit the floor, I remind myself of what I am most grateful for — this sets the tone for a day filled with gratitude and love. This is ideally before looking at my phone…The girls’ monitors are on my phone though, so things do shift sometimes!” 

(As new moms, we couldn’t agree more — and we totally love Kristina’s honesty!) 

🧘🏻‍♀️Use daily movement to stay connected with yourself.  

Most weekdays, Kristina films, edits, and distributes her own workout content and videos (check out Kristina Earnest on Demand!). She says this is important for her to feel like her workouts are as authentic as they can be.

“Movement is a huge part of my day; I make it happen not just because it is a part of my career but because I genuinely love moving my body and coaching others. Daily movement connects me to myself, helps keep me focused for the day ahead, and puts me in a better mood instantly when needed.” 

If she’s not recording a new workout, Kristina will incorporate these types of movement into her daily schedule:     

  • Quick HIIT training (“A bang for a metabolic buck!” she says.) 
  • Strength / mobility session 
  • Stretching and gentle movement 
  • Working out on the weekends with her husband 

“I am proud to say that I create, film, edit, and distribute all workouts and content on my platform! It sounds like a lot, but it feels so good to say my platform is truly female founded and mama-owned. I love the ability to touch every bit of every session I put out into the universe.” 

She also firmly believes each workout should feel freeing and enjoyable. “It’s my time with my body, to show myself how strong I truly am. And when I go back into mom mode I can be the strong role model I set out to be every day,” she said. 

🍽 Make family meals a must. 

In the mornings [Kristina and kids] go into the kitchen and usually make breakfast together. “I like getting them involved with me as much as possible in the kitchen to make cooking a fun part of their life!” 

Kristina’s go-to lunch for energy?  

  • Sandwiches for the kids 
  • A big salad for Kristina 
  • Side of fruit like pear or apples 
  • Side of vegetables like sliced cucumbers or bell peppers  

When it comes to dinners, Kristina and her family have one rule. She said, “We always have family dinner together, as long as my husband is not traveling for work. I grew up in a Puerto Rican/Italian household where family dinner was a non-negotiable. My husband and I carried that over for our daughters and it’s a wonderful way for all of us to connect.” 

💦🧴Always wash your face before bed. 

Kristina struggles with postpartum melasma, and has a normal/dry skin type, so the Covey Next Up Vitamin-C is her favorite for encouraging cell turnover and collagen production to keep hyperpigmentation at bay. 

Here are her top skincare tips: 

  • Wear a hat whenever it’s sunny 
  • Stay consistent and invest in your skincare routine 
  • Always, always wash your face before bed

❓4 questions with Kristina: 

Q: How do you motivate yourself to stay active?

Two ways: (1) I was not born an athlete. I was actually born with a heart condition that “excused” me from running the mile in grade school. Everything I did, I had to be extremely cautious to not over-exert myself. Flash forward into my mid-20’s and I’m finally able to exercise freely! I went from the girl who couldn’t run a mile to a marathon finisher. 

I know firsthand that some people dream about doing what I am capable of today, and my hope is that I can show anyone who welcomes me in as their coach that with drive and a dream, anything is possible. 

(2) My other biggest form of motivation is my daughters — they are toddlers (2 and 3 years old) and I want them to see just how strong their mother can be. I want them to grow up to be powerful, confident women - so that is what I aim to be by living a healthy lifestyle. What they see is what they absorb. 

Q: How do you balance your busy schedule as an entrepreneur with personal/self-care time AND parenting?

A: I learned this pretty quickly after becoming a mom of 2 — I don’t balance, I “manage” 😂. There are days where I totally crush it across all categories, and there are days where I completely miss the mark. That is OK! We do our best, and that’s the best we can do. 

The best thing for me is focusing on a schedule — by becoming less of a multi-tasker and taking time to concentrate on parenting or business — versus parenting while answering emails. I get more done! I also just try to have fun with everything that I do. I find that in itself helps you glow from the inside out. 

Q: What part of your routine makes you the most productive/sets you up for success?

A: Consistency is key. I know that I record my workout classes for my site every 3 days per week. The night before I lay out all my notes, plan my outfit, and charge all devices needed to record. Now that I’m in a groove it feels natural; I started doing that because I know after I drop my girls off at nursery school.  I have exactly 3 hours to get my sessions done before I have to be back in the pick-up line! 

I feel confident as a coach when I am prepared — so staying on top of my recording schedule allows me to relax and be myself when it is most important, and helps me focus on delivering a quality, effective, safe, FUN workout session.

Q: Any secret hacks for remaining positive and sticking to your schedule/deadlines?

A: I change the narrative from “I have to” to “I get to”. It is a gift to move my body — growing up with a heart condition, there were many years where I couldn’t run a mile.  Now I coach hundreds of people globally every week! 

There were years of my life where I fought to become a mother and bring my children into the world. Now my daughters are my best friends. Our responsibilities can often be our greatest gifts! 

When things get hard — you have the ability to rewrite the story. It makes you appreciate what makes you you — and you’re really special. 

We’re super inspired by Kristina’s commitment and consistency. Want more routines? Check out more daily habits and helpful tips of other busy women, moms, and entrepreneurs. 

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