Here The Top Skincare Trends in 2022 (& How to Achieve Them!)

Skincare’s biggest trends in 2022 follow a distinct theme — natural skin is the star, and skincare is there to help you get your glow from within. Long gone are the days of makeup-caked, matte skin. In 2022, it’s all about the effortless, no-makeup clean look. 

Let’s dive into 2022’s biggest skincare trends so far, and how you can achieve these looks with specific ingredients and products in your routine. 

Trend No. 1: Glass Skin 

Oh, glass skin. This skincare trend originated in the K-beauty sphere, and it’s all about a complexion so clear and even it’s like looking into glass. You might also hear it called “mirror skin.” Sounds impossible to achieve? Well, it can require a detailed routine and strategic product usage. 

While we’re big fans of texture, pores, and natural skin, we believe you can achieve glass-like skin without a 50-step routine by keeping your routine simple and packed with super-ingredients. 

How To Get Glass Skin 

The Korean beauty practice of getting glass skin typically involves these steps: 

  • Double cleanse 
  • Apply toner
  • Layer in ampoules or hydrating serum(s)
  • Follow with moisturizer 
  • Daytime SPF 
  • Seal in product with a face oil 
  • Use an exfoliating mask 1x weekly 

Phew. That’s a lot. You can also achieve glass skin by simplifying your routine — removing unnecessary or incompatible ingredients can make a huge difference in your skin’s health and radiance. 

Think of it as an elimination diet, but for your skin! Getting back to basics gives your skin barrier a break. Remember, constantly changing your products isn’t going to give you the results you want. Like exercise and fitness, healthy skin thrives on consistency. 

When you’re trying to achieve glass skin, K-beauty experts recommend limiting actives in your routine, so for something gentle like a Vitamin C serum instead of something stronger like BHA or AHAs, which can irritate and inflame. 

Trend No. 2: Dewy Skin 

Dewy skin has been around on TikTok and Skinstagram for ages, and it’s a trend that sort of reappears every year as weather gets warmer. Dewy skin is exactly what it sounds like: bright, clean, glossy, and glowing. It’s been made famous by models and brands like Glossier, who pioneered the no-makeup makeup look. 

How To Get Dewy Skin 

Dewy skin from the inside out is definitely possible, especially if you’re using high-quality ingredients that nourish skin and encourage cell turnover. Start with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, 

When it comes to long-term luminosity, you can’t beat Vitamin C, which combats hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone, and encourages collagen production. While you’re shopping for a moisturizer, check for ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, glycerin for bounce, and softening squalane. 

(P.S. Covey’s whippy and light Last But Not Least Moisturizer uses all these skincare MVPs!) 

Or, try introducing a retinol to speed up cell turnover, but ask your derm before you embark on a retinol journey; it can be irritating for sensitive skin and cause dry, flaky skin when used incorrectly.

Trend No. 3: Milky Skin

In response to the translucent glass skin trend, out came milky skin (or “cream skin”), which instead emphasizes less of a shiny glow and more of a subtle one. Basically, milky skin is regular, well-hydrated skin, but glowy from the inside out. 

In earlier iterations of the cream skin movement, the effect was achieved through hybrid moisturizer/skin tints with a little bit of color. 

This skincare trend in 2022, however, is about hydrating skin from within, so you don’t have to rely so much on products to get that milky look. Some skincare brands even designed milky textured products, like toners and moisturizers, to lock in the skin’s hydration and boost that cream skin look. 

How To Get Milky Skin 

Milky or cream skin hinges on one essential element — a healthy skin barrier. If you’re dealing with a damaged skin barrier or inflammation, it’s important to pare down your routine to a gentle cleanser, anti-aging serum, and moisturizer (plus a non-irritating SPF for the daytime). Stay away from strong exfoliants and actives when you’re embarking on a barrier-healing journey.

Trend No. 4: the Clean Look 

The clean girl aesthetic is just as much about skin care as it is about makeup. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand, but the clean look is best achieved when you have a blank canvas that’s easy to work with. 

The clean look — also known as the “it girl” or “that girl” look — has several hallmark features, like barely-there makeup, fluffy brows, and a minimalist approach to getting ready. It’s a favorite among models like Hailey Bieber, influencers, and everyday women. 

How To Achieve the Clean Look 

First, wash your face! A clean look requires clean skin for max luminosity and glow. Next, stock up your arsenal of moisturizing products, but don’t forget about the long-term health of your skin. From a makeup perspective, minimalism is the move when you’re “that girl.” Opt for creamy blushes, simple eye looks, and elegant jewelry. 

Putting it all together 

2022’s skincare trends have built upon everything we’ve been hurtling toward since the pandemic: Skincare is in, heavy makeup is out, and having dedicated routines are crucial to our everyday well-being. 

Milky skin, glass skin, and the “it girl” clean look are all variations on the same theme. In 2022 (and beyond), let healthy skin be the foundation of every great look. 

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