Real Routines x Christina Garcia

Christina Garcia, co-founder of Covey and mom to a 2 year old boy who lives in New York City. 

Take Three

  1. Ruthless prioritization: Working a full time job, being a mom and having Covey, every single day I take 10 minutes to think through what really matters and what needs to be done because every day is different.
  2. Always make your bed: There have been multiple studies that show making your bed increases your productivity so I never skip this! 
  3. Routine-ize everything: From skincare to my workouts to my meals, if I can make it a routine, I do. I workout 4x a week - and do the same ones. I do the same skincare routine, I make a frittata every week so breakfast is set. Routines make things easier and will make you more productive! 

My Routines

Morning routine: “I wake up at 6:30 am, make my bed and then I make my iced latte and wash my face with Covey’s face wash before I get my son. It’s important for me to do my routine first before I start his,” said Christina.

Evening routine: “I come home at 6 pm from work and have some time with my son before giving him a bath and putting him to bed by 6:45 PM. I then do Covey work and if I have time, relax and watch TV. I always wash my face with Covey and then use our Bakuchiol serum and our Seal the Deal Lip balm,” she said. 

Workout routine: “I workout 4x a week. I do the Peloton spin bike twice a week, Pilates once a week and a strength training workout with my trainer, @tylerlefloch once a week. I’ve found this combination works best for my body, said Christina. Check out her Reel!

Relaxation routine: I relax through skincare. When Sebastian is sleeping and I want to treat myself, I light a candle and

  1. Wash my face
  2. Put on Covey’s Next Up Vitamin C serum or Bakuchiol 
  3. Ice roll my face for ~10 min
  4. Then put on our Last But Not Least Moisturizer which feels so good on a cold face
  5. I use a lip brush to apply our Seal the Deal lip balm because it makes me feel like I’m at the spa

Favorite Things

App: Emily told me about Blinkist and its audio Spark Notes for books and it’s been amazing.

Recipe: Frittata recipe here - this usually lasts me a week!

Children’s Book: “My son is obsessed with Knuffle Bunny by Mo Williams,” said Christina

Check out our block and brighten routine in prep for more sunshine this Spring!

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