Routines & Rituals: July Edition

July is a time when life feels like it slows down and speeds up, all at the same time. Your calendar is packed with social events, but your professional duties are a little less, with so many summer Fridays and vacation time.

During the hectic, hot days of this season, it can be tricky to feel like you’re sticking to any schedule whatsoever. However, as we’ve said before (and we’ll say again): routines are so important for all aspects of our health — from emotional to physical. 

That’s why we find so much inspiration and motivation to learn about how other people use rituals to guide their lives. This month, we found plenty of fascinating links around the web, including the self-care secrets of actress Jennifer Aniston and how an astronaut keeps up her beauty routine in space. 

We’re excited to share July’s Routines & Rituals round-up:  

How Jennifer Aniston prioritizes self-care. 

Emmy Award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston radiates health with her youthful skin and high energy levels. What’s made the most significant difference in her radiance? Never letting her self-care time fall low on her priority list. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed her morning routine. And trust us, it’s what A.M. dreams are made of. Learn more here

If you’re feeling ‘blah,’ read this.

Though some people thrive in the summer, for others, it’s an uncomfortable season to get through before the colder temperatures arrive. Or, maybe you are typically a happy person, but lately, you feel anxious or sad. In a column for Bustle, one writer shares how she adapts her beauty routine when her mental health is suffering. One of her tips is to focus on a simple cleanser that does it all — and we have to agree it can be the refresh you need! 

Chances are you’re using way more skincare products than you need. 

When we started Covey, we wanted to simplify the overcomplicated and saturated skincare routine. As busy professionals and frequent travelers who craved a different approach, our three-step ritual cut through the clutter. This month, we dug deep into research to pinpoint the products you should let go of stat. See if you have any of them here.

Boost your creativity with these writer hacks.

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a writer, journaling can help you release anxieties, worries and frustrations. And it can boost your creativity! In this fun investigative piece in Business Insider, one writer tried the routines of famous authors — including Maya Angelou and Haruki Murakami — to see which was most effective. Spoiler: she was up with the sun… more than once. 

An astronaut’s guide to skincare routines. 

File this under things we never had to think about before: what happens to your skin when you go to space? In an interview with InStyle magazine, astronaut Joan Higginbotham answered burning questions about skincare routines way, way up in the universe. This super-interesting read explains why our skin becomes dryer — and moisturizer becomes more critical with (lots of) altitude. 

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