The 5 Products You Don’t Need in Your Skincare Routine

In case you haven’t noticed already, we’re big fans of simplicity at Covey. But we weren’t always that way. Like you, we took a long, hard look at our cabinet full of skincare products and wondered what we actually needed. We knew routine was important to keep our skin healthy and vibrant… but we weren’t sure we needed a 10 (or more!) step process.

So to determine what was most needed, we researched heavily and spoke with trusted dermatologists to better understand the essential products. What we discovered — and thus, created! — was the Covey three-step routine: cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and done.

The truth is, everyone’s unique chemical makeup is different. (That’s what makes us all individually beautiful!) And what your pores need might not be the exact requirement as your best friend. Regardless though, derms and skincare experts agree that less is more.

By applying one product after another on your face, you can create product build-up that causes breakouts or clogged pores. And, you may not realize what formula is irritating if you use dozens of different bottles. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve rounded up the products you — quite simply — don’t need in your skincare routine: 

An essence or toner.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a little confused about what ‘essence’ means in skincare. Is it an essential oil? Is it essentially water? And most of all: is it essential? We don’t think so. By definition, an essence is meant to prepare your skin for whatever comes next in your routine. Typically, it comes after washing your face and before applying anything else. However, you don’t need a particular product to do this. Instead, you merely need clean, fresh, slightly damp skin. That’s it! 

Along the same lines, a toner isn’t a must-have in a routine either. Most are meant to play the delicate pH level balancing act on your skin to ensure it’s ready to receive (read: soak up) product. However, most people already have pores that easily absorb formulas. The only exception here is if you tend to double (or triple!) cleanse your face with gels, exfoliators and other harsh products. (Which, psst: you shouldn’t do either!)

A micellar water. 

You may have some friends who swear by their micellar water. And they are likely the same pals who have been using one since their teenage days. Here’s the deal: it doesn’t really do that much for your skin since its sole purpose is to remove makeup and oils on your face.

If you’re someone who does sport a full face of foundation, powders, eyeshadow and lipstick, you may need it every once in a while. Otherwise, it doesn’t need to be part of your daily ritual. In fact, when you use an effective cleanser like Covey’s First Of All Cleanser, it gently removes everything on your face, all while adding hydration, too. 

An eye cream.

Okay, okay: we know there are many conflicting opinions on the value of eye cream. Some beauty-lovers swear by them. Others find them repetitive. At Covey, we believe your face moisturizer should cover all of the bases of your face, including your cheeks, your t-zone, and of course, your eyes.

Our Last But Not Least Moisturizer includes caffeine as a star ingredient, providing a firming and plumping quality to every inch of our face. When you already have all that you need in one product, there’s no need to add another to the mix.

A face oil or face mask.

When it comes to face oils and face masks, it’s not a question of necessity. We already know that oils can cause breakouts for those who already run on the oily side. And a face mask can dry out your pores or create irritation if you use a product that’s not compatible with your skin type.

So why do many people still use them? Because for some, they feel good or they set the mood of a self-care evening (bubble bath, anyone?). Though these may be a fun luxury item to indulge with once in a blue moon, they shouldn’t be a staple of your routine.

A product that makes promises it can’t keep.

If we could package up all of our skin hopes and dreams into a bottle, we would. And so would you. Unfortunately, there is no magical cure to picture-perfect, pore-free skin. So any product that claims to change your pore size, prevent stretch marks, or another seemingly impossible claim? Stay far, far away. They’re making promises they can’t keep — and that’s just science. 

The best choice you can make for your complexion is sticking to a simple routine using quality products. Our Covey three-stop ritual will carefully cleanse your skin, then add brilliance and glow with top-quality vitamin C, and finish off with a moisturizer that leaves you dewy and hydrated.

That’s all you need — and trust us, it’s more than enough.

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