Skin-influencers Ultimate Guide: 23 Change-Making Skincare Influencers

When it comes to getting information about skincare, there’s no shortage of resources on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Reddit. Still, it’s important to fill your feed with uplifting and knowledgeable creators who really know their stuff. 

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide of skincare influencers. Bookmark for the next time you need skinspiration and hit follow on a few of these accounts to support skincare content creators.

We’re diving into a hit-list of influencers and vloggers across these four beautiful corners of the skincare world: 

  1. Instagram skincare influencers 
  2. Korean skincare influencers 
  3. Black skincare influencers 
  4. Skin positive and acne positive influencers 

Follow these Instagram Skincare Influencers 

Alexa Johnson (IG: @glowopedia

Alexa’s down-to-earth, honest approach to what she buys and why is the kind of transparency we love to see. Their Reels touch on everything from do’s and don’ts to BHAs and AHAs to beginner retinol tips.

Emily Weiss (IG: @emilyweiss)  

Who doesn’t know Emily Weiss of Glossier and Into the Gloss fame? We’ve been fans for ages — who doesn’t love a “no makeup” makeup look these days? Emily’s Instagram is less skincare science and more aesthetic inspiration, which we love. 

Charlotte Palermino (IG: @charlotteparler)

Charlotte Palermino is debunking skincare myths and retelling important stories about ingredients and formulations. She also launched a cannabinoid-based skin care line called Dieux, whose eco-friendly reusable eye masks have changed the game. 

Charlotte’s hot takes range from the science of slugging to the best French pharmacy skincare. Her videos are funny, witty, and definitely worth an Instagram binge. 

@charlotteparler Dirty marketing 101. Reminder that marketing is what’s least regulated in the US #skincare #skincareroutine #beautytok #marketing #SephoraLipLooks ♬ original sound - Charlotte Palermino

Susan Yara (IG: @susanyara

Founder of the vegan, cruelty-free brand Naturium, Susan Yara doesn’t just share skincare wisdom and product recommendations with her 400k+ Instagram followers. She also dabbles in makeup and beauty tips from layering your lipsticks to testing long-lasting foundations. 

Huda Kattan (IG: @huda

Yep, that Huda Kattan. It’s no secret: Huda is a skincare legend who created the mega-popular beauty brand Huda Beauty and skincare brand Wishful Skin. We’re really into her super edgy makeup looks and soothing skincare routine videos. Watch her nighttime routine here:

Nikki (IG: @uglyducklingskincare)

Ugly Duckling Skincare heads up a popular IG series called Hype, where they evaluate if popular skincare products are indeed worth the hype. Check out Nikki’s fun “Trendy Skincare Everyone Loves…But I Hated” Reels, guides to cica and snail mucin, and more.

Hyram Yarbro (IG: @selflessbyhyram)

Our list of top skincare influencers would be shamefully incomplete without recognizing Hyram Yarbro — an icon whose hot takes on everything from Kylie Skin to Cerave continually rock the skincare world. 

Dr. Muneeb Shah (IG: @doctorly

You’ve definitely seen Dr. Shah reacting to skincare trends on your Instagram Explore Page and your TikTok FYP. His reaction videos are A+, and we love that he’s also a fan of L-ascorbic acid, our favorite form of Vitamin-C

Dr. Shereene Idris (IG: @shereeneidriss

Dr. Idris is a New York board-certified dermatologist known for her down-to-earth, educational YouTube videos and the popular series #PillowTalkDerm. She approaches skincare advice with science and humor, breaking down topics like how to fade acne scars to the differences between blackheads and milia.

Korean Skincare Influencers We Love 

K-Beauty is in a real renaissance, and while we definitely love a minimalist skincare routine, there’s something special, soothing, and ritualistic about K-beauty. These creators and influencers are some of the best in the Korean skincare world.  

Charlotte Cho (IG: @charlottejcho

Charlotte Cho is founder of the brand Then I Met You, a skincare routine inspired by the Korean concept of jeong, which, according to their website, is “a deep and meaningful connection that one can develop for people, places and things.” 

Cho lived in Korea for several years, and also founded the wildly popular Korean skincare marketplace Soko Glam, diving into all things K-beauty in the process. She started Then I Met You on the quest to make effective skincare with quality ingredients — and a daily routine worth savoring. 

Amelia Chi (IG: @glowyamelie

Toronto-based beauty and skincare legend Amelia Chi creates soothing, addictive skincare AMSR videos we simply can’t stop watching. 

Renee Chow (IG: @gothamista)

Renee’s motto as a self-described “skinthusiastic vlogger” is simple: She “tries stuff so you don’t have to!” Their feed is a beautiful combination of aesthetic skin care shelfies and helpful review videos for products from brands like The Ordinary and Paula’s Choice.

Liah Yoo (IG: @liahyoo

Born in Korea, now living in New York, Liah Yoo is also the founder of Krave Beauty, a vegan brand that takes a back-to-basics stance on skin care rather than reinforcing expensive 10 and 12-step daily routines. 

Liah’s brand went viral in 2022 for its mega-popular Great Barrier Relief serum and continues to make waves with an eco-conscious “slow skincare” approach and regular sustainability reports. 

Black Skincare Influencers We’re Obsessed With 

Sean Garette (IG: @seangarrette

Fabulous esthetician and founder of Sean Garrette Skin takes a trendy, lifestyle blogger approach to IG, and we’re here for it. You’ll get the skinny on Sean’s favorite product recommendations, outfit inspo thanks to his killer street style, and more.

Keren (IG: @_bykerr

Florida-based skincare and beauty influencer Kerr is a sunscreen evangelist (she started the hashtag #sundazescreen) and regularly posts “SPF try-ons” to test if popular sunscreens are suited for melanated skin. Kerr has a degree in biomedical sciences and is on her way to becoming a dermatologist.

Adeline Kikam (IG: @brownskinderm)

Dr. Kikam effortlessly educates on topics that affect Black and melanated skin in particular. She offers up reviews on the top mineral sunscreens for dark skin, the best products for fading hyperpigmentation, and provides “brown skin friendly” guides to products.

Nayamka Roberts-Smith (IG: @labeautyologist

“I teach women of color how to care for their skin,” writes aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith on her IG bio, and she’s also accredited with the invention of the #60SecondRule to cleansing your face. Nayamka also invented adorable skincare cuffs that keep your products from running down your arms!

Saleam Singleton (IG: @themethodmale

Saleam is a writer for Brydie and other publications on all things men’s beauty and skincare, an area of skincare that has historically been underserved! He champions Black-owned and founded brands in the skincare, beauty, and wellness spaces. He also educates others on how to care for natural hair, the history of Black History Month, and much more. 

Evie (IG: @sknperfct

Evie shows off her glowing complexion and her honesty in product reviews is refreshing. She regularly evaluates when products are too expensive or not at all worth the hype. Check her extensive highlight called “Quick Reviews” for dozens of product reviews in both skincare and beauty. 

Ashley White (IG: @skinclasshero

Esthetician Ashley White shows off some stunning before and afters to achieve her mission as “an agent of skincare transparency.” She also offers up product recs if you’re looking to avoid certain ingredients and solutions to hyperpigmentation, melasma, and over-exfoliating. 

Acne Positive and Skin Positive Influencers to Watch 

The acne positivity movement is a celebration of real skin — with all its textures, blemishes, fine lines, and “imperfections.” Skin positivity welcomes rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

Sofia Grahn (IG: @isofiagrahn

Sofia advocates for skin and body neutrality. She maintains that all types of skin are good. We agree that the skincare and beauty industry can (and should!) dismantle the idea that “bad” skin even exists. Sofia creates gorgeous editorial looks featuring — not editing — her scars or active acne. 

Kali (IG: @myfacestory)

Kali specializes in so much more than acne neutrality; she also loves posting tasty recipes, routines, stories about motherhood, and DIY projects. Her acne before-and-afters are realistic, loving, and made from a place of true skin positivity. 

Katie Guber (IG: @asianacnegirl

21 year old Katie uses Instagram as a platform to share what she loves. She’s also a huge advocate of not letting acne rule your life, and works against perpetuating harmful beauty standards.

Lou (IG: @lounorthcote

Lou created the #freethepimple movement and is a big proponent of posting unfiltered looks at real skin — acne, scarring, and textures included — alongside a beautiful feed of stylish OOTDs and totally glam looks. 

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