Why A Minimalist Skin Care Routine Will Change Your Life

In recent years, minimalism has become trendier. From our homes to our friendships, focusing on what brings us joy and letting go of the rest is the prescription for happiness.

But minimalism isn’t just an art form or a decor aesthetic; it’s also a smart, healthy way to guide your skin care habits.

In fact, it’s part of what inspired our founders, Emily and Christina, to create Covey in the first place. While we all have everyday stressors that can make us feel overwhelmed and stretched thin, our beauty routines should be calming and easy. 

But making the change from a 10-step morning or evening ritual to a three-step? Well, as with any transformation, it’s going to take time. After all, you’ve been double-cleansing, triple-serum-ing, exfoliating and masking for years. So the thought of taking it down several notches? You’ll need to adjust to the concept. 

To help keep you on track and encourage your product purge, it’s essential to keep the benefits of minimalist skincare in mind. From improved vitality to more time (and money!) on your hands, scaling back will positively impact your confidence and schedule. 

Here are four ways a minimalist skincare routine will change your life. 

What is skin minimalism, aka "skinimalism"?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people reduced the amount of makeup they wore for a few reasons. First, they weren’t in person with their friends or colleagues, so makeup wasn't a must.

Secondly, face-covering mandates created the infamous ‘maskne,’ where sweat and bacteria festered, causing an uptick in breakouts.

This all resulted in the ‘skinimalism’ trend, according to many of the top media publications, from InStyle and Vogue to Town & Country

In its simplest form (no pun intended), ‘skinimalism’ is an intuitive approach to taking care of your health. This means using ingredients that offer dual benefits like removing makeup and cleansing pores at the same time (hello, Covey’s First Up Cleanser!) and paying attention to what your skin needs in real-time.

Before skinimalism, a thick foundation could cover up irritation, zits or redness, without ever pinpointing the cause of the issue. Or, with little time to think, adding another scrub or peel to our cart was a flippant action. Now, as we have had time to sit with our skin and better understand its needs, we are pickier. And that’s a great thing. 

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Benefits of a minimalist skin routine

So, what are the benefits of a minimalist skincare routine? Plenty! Our top reasons for choosing this approach include:

  • You will save money, time and storage.
  • You’ll have less product build-up.
  • You will improve your natural radiance. 
  • You will learn more about how your skin’s reactions.

Let's dive deeper into each one. 

1. You will save money, time and storage.

One of the silver linings of the pandemic was the fact we all spent way more time in our homes than ever before. (Though, yes, that definitely created chaos for working parents and couples who battled space for Zoom calls, it also reiterated the value of what we place in our spaces.) 

That junk drawer finally received the purge it needed for years. Your pantry got a much-requested makeover. And your beauty products? You probably checked expiration dates and tossed (or donated) what you were never going to use. 

A minimalism skincare routine will save you money and storage and your most precious asset: your time.

With Covey’s three-step ritual, you can give your pores the deep cleanse they crave, boost their vitality with a vitamin C serum, and finish with a luxe, yet lightweight moisturizer. It takes a quick five minutes, and then you’re off to savor your day.


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2. You’ll have less product build-up.

Watching beauty influencers on YouTube and skincare TikTok can be a fascinating experience. And sometimes, even a hypnotic one, as they layer one serum after another, dab an eye cream, apply a mask, and then finish with a facial spritz. While it can be educational to learn about this multi-step process, it’s often way more product than your delicate skin requires. 

When we overload our pores with countless formulas, we create product build-up. This may not seem like a big deal, since hey, they’re all meant to be topically applied, but it can actually lead to breakouts, clogged pores, inflammation, and other ailments.

Plus, it makes it that much more difficult to truly clean your face. Your skin craves breathing time when it’s completely naked, and a minimalist skincare routine offers that perk. 

3. You will improve your natural radiance. 

While a minimalist skincare routine does mean fewer products and more thoughtful choices, it doesn’t mean going bare-faced all the time. Instead, it encourages you to capitalize on your natural beauty. By cutting back on the amount of makeup, creams and serums you’re applying, you allow your unique features to shine through. Maybe it’s freckles you hadn’t noticed since childhood, a subtle rosy tint to your cheeks, or a more youthful appearance you’ve been hiding under foundation. 

By being strategic about the products you use, you improve your skin’s health, texture, and more. For example, by using a vitamin C serum, like Covey’s Next Up Vitamin C formula, you will experience these benefits:

  • A brighter look: Vitamin C encourages collagen production, resulting in improved texture and radiance. It also battles hyperpigmentation and those pesky dark spots.
  • An anti-inflammatory look: When our pores aren’t happy — they talk to us. And usually, they speak up via inflammation and redness. Vitamin C will cut back on this conversation, making us less sensitive. 
  • An overall healthier skin: From bacteria to environmental impacts, free radicals threaten our skin. They not only cause wrinkles, but they also can make fine lines more noticeable. However, vitamin C goes up to bat against those bad guys, resulting in a healthier, properly functioning skin turnover. 

4. You will learn more about how your skin reacts.

After a day on the beach, you wake up only to be greeted by a gigantic pimple on your chin. Ugh.

To determine what caused this breakout, you start thinking about your day:

  • Was it the bag of potato chips you snacked on?
  • The caked-on sunscreen and sweat on your face that you never washed off?
  • Maybe it was one of the ten products you applied before going to bed...

When there are so many factors that could impact the largest organ in our body (our skin), it can be tricky to pinpoint our triggers. 

With a minimalist skincare routine, you know the exact formulas of the few products you use daily. After introducing them to your ritual, you can pay attention to the differences you start to experience. Then, you can rule them out as the cause of your acne, thus, giving you a chance to decipher between hormonal breakouts, food sensitivities, and more.

Not only is this beneficial to keep your pores at their optimal health, but it makes you more conscientious about your lifestyle and skincare choices.


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Let Covey guide your minimalist skincare routine.

Ready to scale back your skincare routine but also reap significant benefits? Get started on your minimalist skincare routine with Covey.

Our three-step minimal skin care ritual includes:

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