A Day In The Life of Cameron Rogers aka @freckledfoodie

Meet Cameron Rogers, NYC-based content creator, podcast host, and the voice behind @freckledfoodie.  

“I create content focused on motherhood, mental health, food, and, most importantly, on helping remind people that, no matter the emotion they are feeling, they are not alone,” she said. 

Cameron hopes her intimate and vulnerable online presence will “feel like you're on FaceTime with a friend,” so we sat down with Cameron and asked her to walk us through a typical day in her life.

Spend a day with Cameron 

6:00 - 6:20am: Meditation 

As soon as she wakes up, Cameron meditates for 20 minutes. “It has been the first thing I’ve done every day for the past 4 years and has greatly changed my life,” she said. 

6:20 - 7:15am Morning Rituals 

For Cameron, small rituals are deeply important. “If I wake up and jump right into my day or onto my phone, I feel completely out of whack. I really do not enjoy starting my day on reactive mode as it is easy to live in that phase for the remainder of the day. That hour I have to myself before our son wakes up is vital to my success,” she said. 

Most mornings, Cameron will:

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Journal
  • Chat with her husband 
  • Drink a glass of Athletic Greens 

Around seven, she’ll feed her son and have a cup of coffee. Relatable! 

7:15-8:00am Quality Time 

Cameron plays with Liam in the mornings, then makes him his favorite breakfast: oatmeal! 

Then, she said, “I’ll either workout with [Liam] playing on his playmate next to me, or we go for a nice walk with our dog. I find activities that I love doing and that my body craves. If I don’t like doing it, I simply won’t do it!”  

Here are a few exercise programs Cameron is “utterly obsessed with” right now: 

To end her morning routine, she said: “I shower and do my skincare routine — featuring Covey products!” 

10:00am Work 

After putting the baby down for a nap, Cameron gets to work creating content for Freckled Foodie.

“Depending on what I have to get done that day I either shoot content in the apartment, edit content or work on computer work outside of the apartment, or head to the podcast studio to record,” she said. 

~12:00pm: Lunchtime!

“Lunch is the meal that varies the most for me. Some of my go-tos are turkey sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese and smoked Salmon, avocado toast and eggs, or a crisp and fresh salad.” 

After lunch, Cameron catches up on work for a few more hours. She’s back in Mom mode come five when her sitter leaves for the day. 

5:00pm Playtime 

Cameron is full throttle back in Mom mode come 5:00pm when her sitter leaves for the day. 

From 5-6pm, Cameron plays with Liam at the playground and feeds him dinner. Then they’ll put the baby to bed, and Cameron will catch up on the rest of the day’s work. 

7:00pm Dinner 

Cameron sticks with a simple “formula” for a healthy dinner at home. “We usually make some form of protein — chicken, steak, salmon, etc — with some type of carb (pasta or rice) and roasted veggies. If we order in, it is usually sushi, pizza, or Thai food.” 

After, she’ll unwind with her husband “watching TV or playing cards.” 

10pm: Evening Routine 

Cameron’s routines are designed to prioritize her mental health. 

“I brush my teeth, take my antidepressants, do my night-time skincare routine, and get in bed,” she said. She found what makes her feel best is: 

  • Meditation and journaling 
  • Spending time off of my phone 
  • Not drinking alcohol 
  • Getting 8+ hours of sleep 

When it comes to the balancing act of motherhood, Cameron is practicing kindness toward herself. 

“I altered my expectations of what was feasible in every aspect of my life after having a child. I realized it was impossible for me to believe I’d be able to get everything done I once did before him…I am constantly trying to remember that I’m trying my best and that is enough.” 

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