Real Routines: Spend a Day with Tone It Up's Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott keeps busy. She's the founder of, 2021 Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year, cofounder of wellness community Tone It Up, AND mom of two daughters, three-and-a-half year old Isabelle and newborn Collette. 

We got to know Katrina’s routine and rituals during her last trimester in the spring of 2022. When we spoke to Katrina, she was seven months pregnant with baby Collette Jane. Welcome to the world!

Walk us through your average day.

“Right now, I’m 7 months pregnant, so my days look a little different than my typical routine...I usually get woken up by my daughter Isabelle and we start our day with breakfast. We’ll do waffles or smoothies together,” she said.

“Then I’ll get her ready for preschool. Lately, she’s been choosing her own outfit — which is adorable.” 

If Katrina doesn’t have a meeting first thing, she’ll enjoy a decaf latte and write in her journal, or do a gentle, pregnancy safe workout. A few of her favorite workouts lately include: 

She also created a program called 6:40, which is 6 weeks of 40-minute workouts. “I recommend doing it at 6am so by 6:40, you’re ready to take on the day, but you can squeeze in the workouts whenever is best for you,” she said. 

When it comes to staying motivated, Katrina swears by making movement a daily habit. 

“I always tell women that as soon as you’re moving your body, you’ll crave it every day. It just takes finding something that you love. Fitness doesn’t mean hours in the gym… it could be walks outside, yoga, finding a local studio that you love, a program that you resonate with, biking, dance, hiking… anything that makes you personally feel good.” 

Then, Katrina gets to work balancing multiple businesses — lifestyle brand and wellness podcast Live Beautifully, creating content for workout and nutrition app Tone It Up, and more. 

“My workday is different every day,” she said. “Between zoom calls, podcast interviews for Live Beautifully, emails, Tone It Up, business and branding, and balancing it all, my day is filled!” 

(P.S. listen to Katrina’s interview with Covey co-founder Emily DiDonato for a candid chat on all things pregnancy.) 

Katrina’s Go-To Meals 

After making breakfast with Isabelle & kickstarting her day with a workout, Katrina’s powers the rest of her morning with healthy snacks like:

  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Crackers with hummus
  • Veggies and dip
  • Yogurt   

“For lunch, I usually make a quick salad at home. I’ll throw in kale (massaged with lemon), avocado, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, peppers, cucumber, olives, almonds, oil and vinegar, plus some kind of protein on top. I also love to sip sparkling water all day with lemon and ginger, which helps with pregnancy nausea,” she added.

For dinner, Katrina hands off dinner duties. “My husband is the chef in the house, so he’ll whip up some dinner. He either grills or makes some healthy dishes that include protein and veggies,” she said. 

Her Daily Approach to Self-Care 

“I consider myself a full-time mother first… and then my businesses come second,” she said.

"To be productive, I have to feel happy… I know that seems simple, but with the heaviness and stress of the world, it’s easy to get down and feel unmotivated. Each day, I try to focus on my health, self-care, family and I’ll take care of my home before I take care of everything else." For Katrina, she breaks down self-care into a few key categories: 

  • Exercise
  • Having a clean space, 
  • Connection with loved ones 
  • Gratitude practice (she’s been using the ‘5 Minute Journal’ method for 5+ years now) 

“I know it’s a lot for women to balance it all… we’re told to make sure we get enough sleep, water, exercise, and to meditate, get back to everyone, call friends, make time for family, work, and beyond (all during a crazy time in the world). Just know that you’re doing an amazing job! Give yourself grace and patience,” said Katrina. 

Katrina’s Typical Skincare Routine

 Is your skin dry, oily, combination, or sensitive?


What are your biggest skin struggles right now? 

“I’ve been trying really hard to avoid melasma during this pregnancy. I still have it from my first pregnancy with Isabelle! I spend a lot of time outside, so I’d say avoiding the sun is my biggest struggle. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are always a priority!” 

Any skincare advice? 

“I used to be afraid to add moisture because I thought it would give me break-outs! I did everything to dry out my skin… but really, I was just using the wrong products. Sunscreen, vitamin C, and moisturizer are all so important!” 

She added, “I’m obsessed with the Covey routine, especially the moisturizer because it feels so buttery and soft. I’m so grateful it's only 3 steps... because anything more than that I probably would just skip!”

Cozy up to the rituals and healthy habits of other moms and creatives with the Covey Real Routines series.  


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